Build Trust and Capacity with Just One Partner

Published on June 12, 2024, by Latamways

Build Trust and Capacity with Just One Partner

Over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, at Latamways we have witnessed a shift in the way clients approach translation. What clients say that they are looking for in a regional language service provider like Latamways is the control of timelines, cost and quality. This streamlined approach results in time savings and cost efficiencies.

Latamways goes beyond simply managing translations. Our vision is to be your strategic partner of choice, delivering customized comprehensive solutions that align with your business goals. We’re not just another vendor – we see ourselves as an extension of your office, fostering a collaborative and efficient partnership.
Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Service Excellence & Innovation: We are committed to continuous improvement, developing innovative solutions to meet your evolving needs. Our ongoing training ensures exceptional service and project management expertise.
  2. Regional Knowledge & Expert Resources: We possess a deep understanding of the Latin American market and a vast network of skilled linguists across various industries. In addition, we stay ahead of the curve by participating in industry events and conferences weekly.
  3. Talent Development & Quality Focus: Our Talent Department is constantly seeking for resources to foster a pipeline of highly qualified suppliers. Also, they employ a rigorous quality management system and excellence-oriented work methodology to guarantee flawless deliveries.
  4. Client Loyalty & Long-Term Partnerships: We take pride in our high client retention rate, building strong relationships through personalized service and exceeding expectations.

Despite our growth, Latamways maintains a client-centric approach. We ensure clear communication channels, with a dedicated contact person for each project. Everyone at Latamways adheres to our strict customer service policy, prioritizing your requirements as the most important.
By choosing Latamways, you gain a dedicated partner equipped to handle your largest and most complex projects while maintaining the personalized service you deserve.
Build trust with your customers, expand capacity, and achieve global success with Latamways.

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Is Your Translation Supplier the Right Partner for You?

Published on June 6, 2024, by Latamways

Is Your Translation Supplier the Right Partner for You?

At Latamways, we believe in the power of partnerships. Choosing the right partner to work with is crucial for ensuring mutual success, fostering a collaborative environment, and achieving long-term goals efficiently.

Finding the right translation supplier

Finding a reliable translation service provider is crucial for success. Choose a company with experience in your industry and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples or translation tests to assess their quality and reliability.

Clear communication

When working with a translation service supplier, clear communication is essential. Articulate your requirements, expectations, and deadlines upfront to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth project execution. Providing context and reference materials can also help translators better understand your content and deliver more accurate translations.

Prepare your documents for translation

Before sending your documents for translation, review and prepare them properly. Remove any unnecessary formatting, check for errors, and ensure that the content is well-organized and easy to understand. Mark any specific instructions or terminology preferences to guide the translator and guarantee consistency throughout the translation.

Cultivate a long-term relationship

Building a strong and lasting relationship with your translation service provider, as any other vendor, can lead to better results and smoother collaboration in the long run. Take the time to communicate regularly, provide feedback, and discuss any changes to your translation needs. A trusted partner who understands your business and requirements can be invaluable in achieving your goals.

Anything you want to share about what’s important to you?

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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E-Learning: Top 5 Must-Translate Content

Published on May 14, 2024, by Latamways

E-Learning: Top 5 Must-Translate Content

In today’s interconnected and technological world, eLearning has emerged as a powerful tool to educate and train audiences worldwide. As businesses and educational institutions increasingly embrace eLearning platforms to reach diverse audiences, the need for effective translation becomes paramount. Here are the top 5 types of eLearning content that benefit most from translation:

  • Online Courses | From corporate training modules to academic programs, translating online courses enables global learners to access educational content in their native languages.
  • Training Videos | Video-based learning is increasingly popular in eLearning. Translating training videos guarantees that learners can follow instructions, understand concepts, and engage with the material more effectively.
  • Interactive Assessments | Quizzes, tests, and interactive exercises are essential components of eLearning. Translating these assessments allows students to demonstrate their understanding in their preferred language.
  • Audio Narrations | Many eLearning modules include audio narrations and captions to guide learners through the material. Translating them ensures that trainees can fully get involved with the content.
  • Digital Resources | This includes e-books, PDFs, infographics, and other downloadable materials. Translating these resources enhances their accessibility for a global audience.

* Bonus Track | User Interface (UI) Text: From menus to error messages, a localized UI ensures a smooth and intuitive learning experience for all users.

As you consider translating your eLearning materials, keep in mind that through translation, you empower individuals around the world to access knowledge, acquire new skills, and ultimately, achieve their goals.

Connect with us today to learn how Latamways can help you with eLearning translation services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your message resonates with learners everywhere.

How localization can transform your brand’s global reach

Published on April 29, 2024, by Latamways

How localization can transform your brand's global reach

At Latamways, we understand that successful communication transcends mere word-for-word translation; it’s about capturing the essence of a message and tailoring it to resonate with diverse audiences. That’s why we delve into the art of localization, ensuring your content is clearly understood and appreciated by your target audience.

From subtle cultural nuances to humor and idiomatic expressions, every aspect is carefully adapted to ensure maximum impact and resonance. Imagine a joke landing flat or a reference completely misunderstood – localization bridges this gap.

Think of it like this: A perfectly translated recipe might still call for unfamiliar ingredients. Localization tailors the recipe, suggesting local alternatives and cooking methods.

One of the most critical aspects of localization is understanding and respecting cultural nuances. What may be perfectly acceptable or even humorous in one culture could be entirely inappropriate or unclear in another. By acknowledging and adapting to these nuances, we ensure that our messages are not only understood but also embraced by our target market.

Nearly the same situation applies to humor, which varies greatly from one culture to another, and idiomatic expressions often lose their meaning when translated directly. Through localization, we breathe life into these elements, infusing them with context and relevance for the target audience, thereby fostering genuine connections and engagement.

Through the art of localization, we not only bridge language barriers but also create meaningful networks that transcend borders. This translates to increased brand awareness, customer commitment, and ultimately, success in the global marketplace.

Ready to Go Beyond Translation? Connect with Us Today!

Discover Why Clients Rave About Latamways: Real Feedback and Testimonials Inside

Published on April 8, 2024, by Latamways

Discover Why Clients Rave About Latamways: Real Feedback and Testimonials Inside

In a world where making clients happy is key, we know that a happy client is the best proof. Their kind words show how Latamways makes a real difference in their experiences. It’s the happy clients who really make our brand shine.

Let’s hear from them and discover what makes Latamways special, through their eyes.

“We have come to rely on Latamways as valued strategic partners, as their consistently on-time, high-quality work helps us to scale our services upward to our end clients without limitations. Latamways excels at not only service delivery, but at customer service as well, which my people greatly appreciate. Their timely and accurate communication style aligns perfectly with how we operate, and it’s always nice to collaborate with professionals that execute their work in a similar manner.”
Rick Antezana
Dynamic Language
“Thank you Latamways for being a great partner localizing Automation Anywhere content to Latin American Spanish – you really feel like an extension of my team and I know we are in good hands no matter the size of our projects.

A special shout out to the owners of Latamways for finding the right formula to be actively engaged with clients while enabling operations to move along efficiently.

Thank you Milena Rossi Agustina Pioli Cecilia Maldonado Candela Noves Cruz López and everyone else in the team.”

Luciano Arruda
Automation Anywhere
“I have been revising your team’s work for the past few weeks, and let me tell you that the translation team is doing a fantastic job. The subject content for this client is challenging and you deliver great-quality translations every time; congratulations!”
Laura Oroná
OXO Innovation
“…the customer is really happy with the final results and the videos look amazing! Thank you so much for your team’s usual support and effort, I really appreciate it”
Victoria Wery
Affordable Languages
“…responsive, efficient, and made the process effortless…and quality was excellent. I really cannot think of anything else to suggest in terms of improvement as Latamways always exceeds my expectations.”
Michelle Gallaga
“Latamways has been our trusted partner for our translation audits needs, their professionalism is outstanding and the quality of their deliverables is excellent.”
María Velasquez
“…the client was very impressed with the final product”
Jenny Cheesman
“We appreciate your commitment to support this great collaboration. Between the quality you provide and communication, Latamways really is one of the easiest and most productive partners we work with.”
Michael Husebo
Trek Bikes

Our clients say that Latamways is reliable, precise, and always committed. Their kind words show that we’re doing a good job and encourage us to keep getting better. We’re grateful for their trust, and their stories motivate us to work even harder.

Thank you to all our clients for believing in us and being a big part of Latamways.

Empowering Communities: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

Published on April 3, 2024, by Latamways

Empowering Communities: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

Humanitarian commitment and corporate social responsibility not only positively impact local and global communities, but also enhance the reputation and purpose of companies.

Community participation | Volunteering offers a unique opportunity for businesses to make a tangible difference to people’s lives and build strong relationships with their local communities.

At Latamways, we regularly dedicate time to volunteering at industry associations as well as institutions and events. By volunteering, we educate people and make our industry more visible and motivate young people to pursue careers in language and technology.

➜ Event sponsorship | Sponsoring events is another effective way companies can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. Partnering with nonprofit organizations and supporting various initiatives allow companies to amplify their impact.

We are proud to have sponsored major events in our industry, especially at local level such as CLINT, and to be members of pioneering organizations such as Translated in Argentina, Rotary International and Women in Localization

➜ Support for causes related to the industry | It is essential that companies look for ways to contribute positively to the areas in which they operate.

Latamways collaborates with organizations involved in diverse efforts to advance our industry. This year we were part of Translated’s Research Center, imminent, which gathered AI experts and localization veterans in Uruguay to discuss the challenges of languages in Latin America and artificial intelligence. We were also an active participant of a trade mission to the UAE organized by Glocal International which reinforces our commitment to the sustainability of our industry.

By focusing on our humanitarian commitment and corporate social responsibility, we not only contribute to making the world a better place, but we also strengthen our connection with society and the impact we generate on it. 

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Latamways & Translation Excellence

Published on March 25, 2024, by Latamways

Latamways & Translation Excellence

In this edition, we’re delving into the technological marvels and standards propelling us towards excellence in the translation industry. Here’s a glimpse of what is shaping our services:

  • Advanced Translation Tools to streamline workflows and improve accuracy. From CAT tools to terminology management systems and AI-powered tools, we employ innovative technologies to optimize processes.
  • Artificial Intelligence powered solutions to automate tasks, improve quality, and speed up turnaround times. Latamways embraces emerging technologies to adapt to client needs and stay ahead.

  • Certifications, including ISO and women-owned business, validate our commitment not only to diversity, inclusion, and gender equality, but also reinforces our commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction.

Through the utilization of advanced translation tools and AI-powered solutions, we can deliver unparalleled efficiency. Our certifications underscore our commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction. At Latamways, we’re not just keeping pace with change—we’re setting the standard for translation excellence.

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Humans and AI: The challenges of languages for south America
Punta del Este, February 15-17, 2024

Published on February 27, 2024, by Latamways

Humans and AI: The challenges of languages for south America

The unconference in Punta del Este organized by Translated‘s Research Center, imminent, was the perfect opportunity to bring together senior people in translation, localization and artificial intelligence. During this third edition, the focus was on the challenges of languages in Latin America, humans in the future of translation and humans and AI.

The unconference generated valuable insights and takeaways:

Understanding Language Preferences & Context is Fundamental

Recognizing the language preferences, understanding the target country’s culture and social factors is crucial for effective communication and market success. Languages facilitate communication, but it is the cultural nuances that truly connect people.

Human Depth vs. Machine Understanding

While machines can generate understandable words, they lack the depth of human understanding. Translators transition from content creators to reviewers of machine-generated translations. Humans play a crucial role in enhancing the output of AI, revolutionizing content creation while preserving cultural identities.

Changing Dynamics in Translation Costs

Predictions suggest that translation costs for some languages may approach zero with sufficient data availability.

Empowering Young Individuals with Technology

Young individuals should leverage technology for their advantage, but there is a gap between university education and industry needs.

Rebranding and Education

The language industry was the first to adopt AI and now has an opportunity to rebrand and educate stakeholders about the use and reach of AI, following advocacy efforts for language inclusion.

Thriving in a Changing Landscape

Thriving in the changing landscape involves anticipating AI growth, identifying emerging needs, investing in training, upskilling, and understanding the pivotal role of data in the future of translation. Academia needs to align with market demands to prepare future linguists for evolving roles in the industry. The localization industry faces the challenge of preparing for the next billion users entering the digital realm.

Inclusive Considerations

Inclusion extends beyond linguistic diversity; genuine inclusivity involves considerations for the blind, hard of hearing, and other diverse groups.

The unconference highlighted the interplay between humans and AI, addressed the misconception among business people that open AI (such as ChatGPT) can solve their language problems faster and in a more cost-effective way, emphasizing the need for adaptability and strategic foresight in navigating the evolving landscape of language and technology.

Let’s celebrate another year together!

Published on January 3, 2024, by Latamways Read this article in spanish

Let's celebrate another year together!

Despite the challenges thrown our way in 2023 – from pandemic hurdles to economic uncertainties and global conflicts – we proudly closed the year on a high note, for various reasons.

Throughout this year, we focused on providing more efficient and specialized language solutions. We strengthened our strategic alliances and expanded our capabilities, partnering with resources that have not only allowed us to expand our service offering but have also made us more competitive.

We are super proud to have maintained our quality standards by completing the recertification of ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. This recertification highlights our commitment to continuous improvement and training, as well as with the quality of our services and overall excellence.

The pursuit of knowledge and learning has always been a fundamental pillar for Latamways and the essential foundation of this 2023. It gives us great satisfaction to see that the course we designed and implemented for MTPE on our proprietary training platform continues to be a success. This training underscores our commitment to innovation and the adoption of advanced technologies to continually improve our services.

The end of the year provides the perfect setting to thank those who have been an instrumental part of all of our achievements: our clients for their trust, our professional pool of talent for their dedication, our team for their hard work and the value they bring to Latamways, and our colleagues for their motivation. Nothing would be the same without each one of you.

For the new year, we would like to renew our commitment to honesty, continuous training, and excellence in all we do so that we can continue to do what we love while helping our clients reach new horizons.

Here’s to a beautiful end of the year and an excellent start to 2024!

¡Celebremos juntos un año más!

Published on January 3, 2024, by Latamways Read this article in english

¡Celebremos juntos un año más!

Habiendo enfrentado los desafíos que planteó el último coletazo de la pandemia, la inestabilidad económica y las guerras que estallaron en 2023, logramos cerrar un período con notables avances y progresos.

Durante este año, nos enfocamos en ofrecer soluciones lingüísticas más eficientes y especializadas. Fortalecimos nuestras alianzas estratégicas y expandimos nuestras capacidades, asociándonos con recursos que han enriquecido no solo nuestra oferta, sino que además nos han permitido mejorar competitivamente.

Nos complace haber mantenido nuestros estándares de calidad, al haber completado la recertificación de ISO 9001 e ISO 17100, y seguir brindando a nuestros clientes un servicio confiable y personalizado.

La búsqueda del conocimiento y del aprendizaje ha sido siempre un pilar fundamental para Latamways y la base esencial de este 2023. Nos llena de satisfacción ver que el curso que diseñamos e implementamos de MTPE en nuestra propia plataforma de formación sigue siendo todo un éxito. Esta capacitación destaca nuestro compromiso con la innovación y la adopción de tecnologías avanzadas para mejorar continuamente nuestros servicios.

El fin de año nos invita a ahondar en estos balances y a agradecer a aquellos que han sido la razón de nuestros logros: nuestros clientes, por su confianza; nuestros profesionales, por su dedicación; nuestro equipo, por su trabajo y el valor que le aportan a Latamways; y a nuestros colegas también, por su motivación. Nada habría sido igual sin cada uno de ustedes.

Para el 2024, quisiéramos renovar nuestro compromiso con la honestidad, la capacitación constante, y la excelencia en todos los ámbitos de nuestra empresa, proporcionando servicios de traducción con la eficiencia que nos distingue.

¡Brindamos por un hermoso cierre de año y excelente comienzo de 2024!

Abriendo caminos: Latamways participó de la misión comercial a Emiratos Árabes Unidos con Glocal International

Published on December 28, 2023, by Latamways

Abriendo caminos: Latamways participó de la misión comercial a Emiratos Árabes Unidos con Glocal International

Latamways, empresa líder de traducción en América Latina, se enorgullece de haber formado parte de la misión comercial a Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU), una experiencia trascendental organizada por Glocal International. Este viaje no solo ha ampliado nuestras perspectivas comerciales, sino que también ha tejido una red de conexiones valiosas en el mundo de la traducción, interpretación y comunicaciones corporativas.

La delegación argentina, compuesta por 12 destacados representantes de diversas industrias, creó un ambiente de colaboración y aprendizaje único. La diversidad de perspectivas y experiencias fortaleció la misión, permitiéndonos abordar los desafíos desde múltiples ángulos y propiciando sinergias inesperadas.

La misión nos brindó la oportunidad de participar en eventos de importancia global, como la COP28, reforzando nuestro compromiso con la sostenibilidad en la industria de la traducción y alineando nuestras soluciones lingüísticas con el discurso mundial sobre la responsabilidad ambiental, fomentando un enfoque más consciente y socialmente responsable. Además, la participación en reuniones con Cámaras de Comercio locales, Masdar City, el Distrito Financiero y Hub 71 no solo nos ayudó a comprender mejor el ecosistema empresarial de los EAU, sino que también facilitó interacciones directas y colaboraciones con ejecutivos de alto rango, quienes generosamente nos invitaron a sus instalaciones para conversaciones enriquecedoras. Estas discusiones estratégicas le permitieron a Latamways forjar asociaciones de gran valor, obtener conocimientos valiosos y explorar posibles vías para potenciar su papel en el dinámico panorama del mercado en un mundo en constante cambio.

La misión no solo se centró en el ámbito empresarial, sino que también fortaleció nuestros lazos académicos. Las visitas a universidades reconocidas como Sharjah University y American University of Sharjah abrieron posibilidades de colaboración en investigación y desarrollo.

A pesar de las diferencias culturales, la misión nos enseñó que la diversidad es un activo. La riqueza de las distintas perspectivas nos acercó, promoviendo un entendimiento mutuo y estableciendo bases sólidas para futuras colaboraciones.

Queremos expresar nuestro profundo agradecimiento a Glocal International por la impecable organización de la misión y a los directivos que con tanto empeño nos recibieron en sus oficinas. Esta experiencia ha sido un viaje de aprendizaje puro, reafirmando nuestro compromiso con la innovación y la colaboración global.

En resumen, la participación de Latamways en la misión comercial a los EAU ha sido un hito significativo, abriendo un abanico de oportunidades que impulsarán nuestro crecimiento y contribuirán a la construcción de un futuro empresarial más sostenible e interconectado. ¡Nos emociona el futuro que nos depara en esta apasionante travesía internacional!

Exploring New Horizons: Latamways Participates in Trade Mission to UAE with Glocal International

Published on December 27, 2023, by Latamways

Exploring New Horizons: Latamways Participates in Trade Mission to UAE with Glocal International

Latamways, a leading translation, communications, and marketing company in Latin America, participated in a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a transformative experience organized by Glocal International. This journey not only opened doors to unprecedented business opportunities but has also woven a network of valuable connections in the world of translation, interpretation, and corporate communications.

The Argentine delegation, consisting of 12 distinguished representatives from various industries, created an environment of collaboration and unique learning. The diversity of perspectives and experiences strengthened the mission, allowing us to address challenges from multiple angles and fostering unexpected synergies.

The mission provided us with the opportunity to participate in globally significant events, such as COP28, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability within the translation industry and to align our language solutions with the global discourse on environmental responsibility, fostering a more eco-conscious and socially responsible approach. Furthermore, participating in meetings with local Chambers of Commerce, Masdar City, the Financial District, and Hub 71 not only deepened Latamways’ understanding of the UAE’s business ecosystem but also facilitated direct interactions and collaborations with high-ranking executives who generously invited us to their premises for engaging conversations. These strategic discussions allowed Latamways to forge meaningful partnerships, gain valuable insights, and explore potential avenues for enhancing our role in the dynamic market landscape of an ever-changing world.

The mission not only focused on the business sphere but also strengthened our academic ties. Visits to renowned universities such as Sharjah University and the American University of Sharjah opened up possibilities for collaboration in research and development.

Despite the cultural differences, the mission taught us that diversity is an asset. The richness of different perspectives brought us closer, promoting mutual understanding and establishing strong foundations for future collaborations.

We express our deep gratitude to Glocal International for the impeccable organization of the mission and to the executives who warmly welcomed us to their offices. This experience has been a journey of pure learning, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and global collaboration.

In summary, Latamways’ participation in the business mission to the UAE has been a significant milestone, opening a range of opportunities that will drive our growth and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and interconnected business future. We are excited about what the future holds in this thrilling international journey!

Success Story
Latamways Translators Shine with Flexibility and Dedication

Published on October 24, 2023, by Latamways

Latamways Translators Shine with Flexibility, Agility, and Dedication

In the world of translation, opportunities don’t always knock twice, but for Latamways and its talented translators, it was a golden opportunity that couldn’t be ignored. Their journey began when Latamways received an unusual request.

The Client and the Challenge
The client urgently needed two temporary onsite healthcare/medical English-Spanish translators to work directly at their Korea office. The content they were handling was highly sensitive and confidential, and couldn’t be leaked beyond their secure site. The content included technical documents, such as clinical, non-clinical, and GMP-related documents. The task was to be completed in 30 working days.

Latamways’ Approach
Latamways knew the importance of selecting the best candidates for the job. Our Talents Department carefully matched their expert translators, Cande and Cami, with the client’s requirements, showcasing their flexibility and agility in meeting the client’s unique needs. Latamways quickly arranged visas, plane tickets, medical insurance, and everything else needed to get them settled in Seoul, going the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition.

From Argentina to Korea
In a matter of weeks, Cande and Cami found themselves on the other side of the world, in the vibrant heart of Seoul, working in the offices of a global pharmaceutical giant, all thanks to Latamways’ support.

The Golden Opportunity
Cande and Cami recognized the magnitude of the opportunity they had been presented with. Working directly at the client’s site not only provided a unique professional challenge but also opened doors to unparalleled learning and growth. It was a chance to gain invaluable experience in the pharma industry.

Cande expressed her excitement, saying, “This is a dream come true. The opportunity to work on such specialized content, on-site, is a game-changer for our careers. We have Latamways to thank for their support and their willingness to go the extra mile.”
Cami added, “We owe it all to Latamways’ swift response, their flexibility in meeting the client’s unique needs, and the seamless transition they facilitated. It’s a testament to how far the right opportunity, support, and dedication can take you, and we’re proud to be part of the Latamways team.”

Their success story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities, the importance of matching expertise with client needs, and the invaluable support, flexibility, agility, and dedication Latamways provides in the world of translation.

For Cande and Cami, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey with Latamways, and they are ready to embrace the countless opportunities that lie ahead, knowing that they have a dedicated and capable partner in Latamways who always goes the extra mile for their clients and vendors.

Latamways dice presente en las Jornadas de Ciencia y Tecnología en la UTN de San Francisco

Published on September 27, 2023, by Latamways

Latamways Presents at UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference: A Focus on Innovation, Knowledge Economy, and Career Opportunities

En Latamways, estamos comprometidos con la innovación y el avance tecnológico. Es por eso que nos entusiasma compartir nuestra reciente participación en las Jornadas de Ciencia y Tecnología que tuvieron lugar los días 13 y 14 de septiembre en San Francisco, Córdoba. Agustina Pioli, una de las socias y parte del equipo de ventas, y Cruz López, directora del Departamento de Talents, viajaron hasta allá para realizar una presentación en la UTN de San Francisco. Estos dos días estuvieron llenos de debates, aprendizaje y un intercambio valioso sobre el futuro de la tecnología y las posibilidades laborales de los estudiantes de las carreras de ingeniería en el sector de la traducción.

Uno de los ejes centrales de la presentación en estas jornadas fue la Ley de Economía del Conocimiento, una legislación que promueve la inversión en tecnología, la generación de empleo y el desarrollo de habilidades digitales en el país. En nuestra charla, profundizamos en los aspectos clave de esta ley y su impacto en la industria de la traducción y localización. Analizamos cómo esta legislación está impulsando la innovación y proporcionando nuevas oportunidades para las empresas y los profesionales de los servicios basados en el conocimiento en Argentina. Además mencionamos a asociaciones sin fines de lucro, como es el caso de Translated in Argentina, la cual trabaja incansablemente desde hace más de 15 años para promover nuestro sector a nivel nacional e internacional.

El otro eje fue qué es la industria de la traducción y qué salidas laborales existen en nuestro sector para ingenieros de diversas ramas. Charlamos cómo las valiosas habilidades técnicas con las que cuentan y la capacitación continua son esenciales para aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades en esta industria en constante evolución. Finalizada nuestra charla, las preguntas del público incitaron a un debate enriquecedor, tanto para la audiencia, como para nosotras.

Queremos expresar nuestro sincero agradecimiento a los organizadores, especialmente a Diego Ferreyra por la invitación. Fue un evento excepcionalmente bien organizado que proporcionó un espacio valioso para el intercambio de ideas y la construcción de redes. La transmisión híbrida a través de YouTube permitió que una audiencia global se uniera a las conversaciones y contribuyera a la diversidad de perspectivas. 

En Latamways, estamos emocionados por el futuro de nuestro sector y la economía del conocimiento en Argentina. Creemos que esta es una época emocionante para ser parte de esta industria en constante crecimiento. Seguiremos comprometidos en apoyar la innovación, la capacitación y el desarrollo de habilidades en este emocionante campo.

Esperamos con entusiasmo futuras oportunidades de colaboración y aprendizaje en este apasionante viaje hacia un futuro más brillante para ambos sectores.

Para volver a ver esta presentación o disfrutar de todas las charlas de ambos días, se puede visitar la página de YouTube de la UTN de San Francisco. Si desean obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios de traducción y localización, no duden en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Será un placer ayudar.

Latamways Presents at UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference: A Focus on Innovation, Knowledge Economy, and Career Opportunities

Published on September 27, 2023, by Latamways

Latamways Presents at UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference: A Focus on Innovation, Knowledge Economy, and Career Opportunities

The Science and Technology Conference took place on September 13th and 14th in San Francisco, Córdoba and Agustina Pioli, Partner and CSO, and Cruz López, head of Talents, represented Latamways. Two days of engaging discussions, learning opportunities, and valuable exchanges that centered around the future of technology and the career prospects for engineering students within the translation sector.

Agustina and Cruz focused on the knowledge-based economy law designed to stimulate technology investment, job creation, and the development of digital competencies in our country. They delved into the critical aspects of this law and its implications for the translation and localization industry. Their analysis spotlighted how this legislation is catalyzing innovation and opening up fresh avenues for knowledge-based service providers and professionals in Argentina. They also acknowledged the efforts of non-profit organizations such as Translated in Argentina, which has been promoting the translation industry both nationally and internationally for over 15 years.

The other core theme was the translation industry itself and the myriad career opportunities it offers to engineers from diverse backgrounds. They discussed how their valuable technical skills and ongoing education are fundamental in capitalizing on opportunities within this dynamically evolving sector. The questions raised by the audience following the presentation sparked a very enriching discussion for all.

We are very grateful to the organizers, especially Diego Ferreyra, for the invitation. The event was well-orchestrated and provided an invaluable forum for sharing ideas and building networks. Thanks to hybrid streaming via YouTube, a global audience was able to participate in the conversations, contributing a multitude of perspectives.

To revisit our presentation, go to (UTN San Francisco YouTube page). For more information about our translation and localization services, just visit or contact us at

#CLINT2023: A Journey of Connection and Learning

Published on September 12, 2023, by Latamways

#CLINT2023: A Journey of Connection and Learning

On September 1st and 2nd, Cordoba became the epicenter of knowledge, innovation, and networking once again as it hosted the fourth edition of the Translation Industry Conference in Latin America (CLINT2023).

This edition marks the first one since the pandemic. Hugs, smiles, and warm welcomes took center stage. The positive and camaraderie-filled atmosphere that characterizes every CLINT event was still intact.

A quick look at past CLINT programs shows that the content has evolved alongside our society, technology, and the translation industry in general. In this edition, we explored the challenges posed by AI in our field and shared insights on the factors that will contribute to improve processes and our work in general, among other topics. Throughout the entire conference, the focus was on promoting the uniqueness that is inherent to the human condition, which makes us irreplaceable.

We also discussed the more human aspect of our work, soft skills, the importance of self-care, accessibility as a service, teamwork, effective communication, marketing, and quality. The keynote speaker, Gerry Garbulsky, delivered a fun and memorable talk about the 5 superpowers for lifelong learning.

CLINT2023For the first time, CLINT2023 offered a job fair, which added a unique dynamic with a lot of interaction where even sponsors participated and were open to exchanging ideas and advice.

CLINT2023, besides showcasing the most advanced developments in our industry in Argentina and Latin America, is the ideal space for building relationships, acquiring fresh concepts, and renewing our commitment to this fascinating industry.

This conference left everyone with a wealth of knowledge and a wide variety of new “ikigais,” as Arancha Caballero put it. Our backpacks were filled with souvenirs exchanged with colleagues, linguistic and technological novelties, but above all, they were filled with inspiring and pioneering ideas.

Thanks again TinA (Translated in Argentina) for bringing together academia, experts, independent professionals, and companies. We look forward to the fifth edition in 2025, which will surely continue to surprise us.

#CLINT2023: un viaje de conexión y aprendizaje

Published on September 12, 2023, by Latamways

#CLINT2023: un viaje de conexión y aprendizaje

El pasado 1 y 2 de septiembre, Córdoba se convirtió, una vez más, en el epicentro del conocimiento, la innovación, y el networking, al acoger la cuarta edición del Congreso Latinoamericano de la Industria de la Traducción (CLINT2023).

Esta edición es la primera desde la pandemia, así que desde el comienzo del evento, los abrazos, las sonrisas, y afectuosas bienvenidas fueron los protagonistas. Evidentemente, el ambiente positivo y de camaradería que se vivía en cada CLINT seguía intacto, y eso, en verdad, nos entusiasmaba aún más.

Una mirada rápida a los programas anteriores de CLINT muestra que los contenidos han ido evolucionando al mismo tiempo que nuestra sociedad, la tecnología y la industria de la traducción.

En esta edición, entre otros temas, exploramos los desafíos planteados por la IA en nuestro campo, y compartimos opiniones sobre los puntos que contribuirán a la mejora de los procesos y nuestro trabajo en general. A lo largo de todo el congreso, el foco estuvo puesto en promover la singularidad que es propia de la condición humana, la cual nos hace insustituibles.

También conversamos sobre el aspecto más humano de nuestro trabajo, las habilidades blandas, la importancia del cuidado personal, la accesibilidad como servicio, el trabajo en equipo, la comunicación efectiva, el marketing, y la calidad. Y hasta tuvimos el privilegio de que Gerry Garbulsky, abriera el congreso y nos compartiera, en una charla divertida y memorable, sus 5 superpoderes para aprender para toda la vida. 

CLINT2023Este año, CLINT2023 nos ofreció, por primera vez, una feria de trabajo, la cual le dio una dinámica única y de mucha interacción. En el mismo espacio, se encontraban los patrocinadores, a quienes encontramos relevantes y abiertos a intercambiar desde opiniones ¡hasta fotografías!

CLINT2023, además de ser un epítome de lo más avanzado en nuestro sector en Argentina y Latinoamérica, es el espacio óptimo para transformar los vínculos, llenarse de conceptos frescos y renovar nuestros compromisos.

Independientemente de las interpretaciones personales de cada uno, no podemos negar que regresamos a nuestras oficinas con un sinfín de conocimientos por implementar y una amplia variedad de nuevos “ikigais” – según planteara Arancha Caballero. Nuestras mochilas volvieron llenas de souvenirs intercambiados con colegas, de novedades lingüísticas y tecnológicas; pero, sobre todo, repletas de ideas inspiradoras y precursoras.

Gracias nuevamente a TinA (Translated in Argentina) por reunir a académicos, expertos, profesionales independientes y empresas en tan provechoso evento. Esperamos ansiosamente la quinta edición en 2025, que seguramente, nos seguirá sorprendiendo.

Historia de éxito
Compendio de recursos, nuestro valioso solucionario

Published on August 17, 2023, by Latamways

Compendium of resources, our valuable solution

Ya se asomaban los análisis de fin de año, los reportes generales y los balances que toda empresa, en búsqueda de crecimiento, acostumbra hacer. Entre números, datos y evaluaciones, nos llegó un pedido de una combinación de idiomas que no solemos ofrecer: inglés al chino.

Una de las empresas más grandes de Estados Unidos, y que luego se convertiría en uno de los clientes más valiosos para Latamways, nos proponía un interesante desafío: 45 horas, en total, de trabajo de maquetación (DTP) sobre archivos de InDesign, en tres pares de idiomas.

El cliente nos contó que hacía varios meses que venía lidiando con este proyecto sin encontrar el proveedor que le resolviera las dificultades del material de trabajo. Luego de algunas conversaciones, para aclarar los aspectos más complejos del pedido, pudimos organizar, juntos, el flujo de trabajo. Unas horas más tarde, nuestro equipo de operaciones le envió, para su aprobación, los archivos ordenados según lo hablado previamente. Como es habitual, llegó allí el momento de los cambios.

Latamways Success Story: A Valuable Solution Driven by Teamwork and ExpertiseLas combinaciones de idiomas seguían siendo las mismas: del inglés al español de Latinoamérica, al chino tradicional y al simplificado. Lo que se había modificado era el alcance, por lo que ahora las horas de trabajo serían casi 60 en total; pasamos de tener un pedido con 44 páginas a tener uno con 98.

El departamento de Operaciones trabajó coordinadamente con el departamento de Talents para que el proceso fuera lo más eficiente posible en cuanto a horas de maquetación y plazos. Dos semanas después, se entregaron los últimos archivos, y el resultado superó las expectativas del cliente. Fue una ardua tarea, aunque también muy satisfactoria y enriquecedora para todos.

El trabajo en equipo, tanto dentro de la empresa como con el cliente, y la flexibilidad volvieron a ser los actores principales del caso. El resultado fue un éxito inmediato, ya que solo unos pocos días después recibimos un proyecto de maquetación similar, para la misma cuenta. Evidencia clara y fiel reflejo de un trabajo bien hecho.

El cliente quedó maravillado por haber resuelto, junto a nuestros gerentes de proyecto, un problema que acarreaba hacía meses. Nuestra colaboración con este cliente creció exponencialmente, y los pedidos aumentaron más del 300 % de un año a otro.

Nuestro compendio de recursos se nos presenta como un valioso solucionario que, ayudado por la experiencia y profesionalidad de nuestro equipo, conduce a Latamways a un prometedor futuro.

La satisfacción de un trabajo bien hecho
Historia de éxito

Published on July 19, 2023, by Latamways

La satisfacción de un trabajo bien hecho: historia de éxito

Habían pasado solo cuatro meses desde el primer contacto con el cliente y nuestro equipo de operaciones había completado únicamente tres proyectos, de los cuales solo uno superaba las 150 000 palabras. Comenzábamos a conocer sus expectativas y necesidades, al mismo tiempo que generábamos un vínculo mediante una comunicación continua y asertiva. Definitivamente, la relación laboral fluía sin sobresaltos.

En ese momento, nos contacta el cliente para ofrecernos traducir, del inglés al español de México, una serie de pruebas escolares para nivel intermedio. El trabajo era grande, pero lo habían organizado por etapas, por lo que nosotros iríamos recibiendo los archivos por tanda y confirmando nuestra mejor fecha de entrega para cada una.

Las prioridades fueron variando a lo largo del proceso y los flujos de trabajo, adaptándose a los requerimientos del cliente. Había veces que se superponían dos tandas de documentos y necesitábamos de un refuerzo de lingüistas en el equipo de producción. Esto, a su vez, requería de un canal de comunicación adicional entre los traductores y nuestros project managers para reducir el riesgo de inconsistencias y poder cumplir con las entregas acordadas.

Llevamos a cabo una labor periódica de monitoreo que permitió gestionar y ejecutar el proyecto de manera por demás satisfactoria. Nos enfrentamos al gran desafío de completar la traducción de casi medio millón de palabras en poco menos de tres meses, y debemos decir que hemos superado todo tipo de expectativas.

La calidad final de los archivos entregados fue muy valorada por el cliente ya que facilitó el posterior paso de maquetación. Además, quedó encantado con nuestra flexibilidad al momento de programar las fechas de entrega tan apretadas y con nuestra diligencia a la hora de actualizar el glosario o enviarle la última memoria de traducción.

Se dice que no hay mayor recompensa que la satisfacción de un trabajo bien hecho y creemos que esta es la clara evidencia de ello. Incluso si le sumamos el agradecimiento y reconocimiento constante que recibimos de nuestros clientes, queda probado que vamos por buen camino.

Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Exceptional Results: A Success Story

Published on July 19, 2023, by Latamways

Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Exceptional Results: A Success Story

In the realm of professional accomplishments, few things compare to the satisfaction derived from a job well done. Today, we are excited to share a success story that showcases the power of determination and teamwork.

Just four months ago, we embarked on a fruitful partnership with a new client. Since then, our operations team successfully completed three projects, including one that surpassed 150,000 words. By building a solid foundation of trust and fostering open communication, we consistently met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

During this period, the client presented us with an ambitious project: translating a series of intermediate-level school tests from English into Mexican Spanish. Recognizing the magnitude of the task, we implemented meticulous planning, breaking it down into manageable stages. This allowed us to set realistic delivery dates for each segment by receiving files in batches.

Adaptability and flexibility were at the forefront as priorities shifted and workflow requirements evolved to meet the client’s dynamic needs. We encountered overlapping document batches, necessitating additional linguistic expertise from our production team. To ensure consistency and meet tight deadlines, we established an extra communication channel between our skilled translators and project managers.

Through diligent monitoring and dedication, we successfully navigated the complexities of the project. Our ultimate challenge was translating nearly half a million words within a tight timeframe of under three months. However, our determination and meticulous attention to detail propelled us beyond all expectations.

The client praised the impeccable quality of the final deliverables, which not only facilitated the subsequent layout process but also underscored our commitment to excellence. They were particularly impressed by our willingness to accommodate tight delivery schedules and our diligence in maintaining an up-to-date glossary and promptly sharing the latest translation memory.

This success story serves as a testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services. We are grateful for the recognition and expressions of gratitude from our valued clients, affirming that we are on the right path to success.

Join us in celebrating this incredible accomplishment and let it inspire you to pursue greatness in your own endeavors. The satisfaction derived from a job well done is truly rewarding, and with the right mindset and determination, success is well within your reach. Experience the power of determination and unlock your potential for excellence.

Latamways’ Success Story:
A Valuable Solution Driven by Teamwork and Expertise

Published on June 28, 2023, by Latamways

Compendium of resources, our valuable solution

As the year-end approached, we found ourselves facing an unexpected yet exciting challenge at Latamways. A prominent client approached us with a complex project involving a language combination we don’t typically offer: English to Chinese. What followed was a journey of collaboration, dedication, and results. In this blog post, we share our success story, highlighting the crucial role of teamwork and our comprehensive resources in delivering outstanding solutions.

The Challenge

When the client approached us, they had been struggling for months to find a suitable vendor for their project. Recognizing the difficulties surrounding the task, our team engaged in insightful conversations with the client to fully understand their requirements and overcome the complexities involved. Despite the initial unfamiliarity with the language combination, we embraced the opportunity and accepted the challenge.

The Workflow

With clear communication and a well-organized workflow, our operations team swiftly initiated the project. We began by delivering a sample of the files for the client’s approval, showcasing our commitment to meeting their expectations. As is customary, feedback and revisions were promptly incorporated into the project scope.

Adapting to Changing Requirements

Latamways Success Story: A Valuable Solution Driven by Teamwork and Expertise The project took an unexpected turn when the scope expanded significantly. From an initial order of 44 pages, it quickly grew to 98 pages, extending our working hours to nearly 60 in total. However, our Operations and Talents departments collaborated seamlessly to ensure efficiency in layout hours and timely delivery. This adaptability and willingness to go above and beyond further strengthened our partnership with the client.

Exceeding Expectations

Despite the arduous nature of the task, our team’s dedication and professionalism paid off. Two weeks later, we successfully delivered the final files, exceeding the client’s expectations. The client was impressed by how we helped them solve a long-standing problem.

Building a Lasting Partnership

The successful completion of this project marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership with our client which led to a significant increase in orders (300% growth in one year). The trust and confidence placed in us by our clients have been instrumental in our ongoing success.

The success story of our collaboration with this client exemplifies the power of teamwork and expertise. Overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results have been at the heart of Latamways’ journey. With our compendium of resources and dedicated team, we look forward to embarking on new ventures and further establishing ourselves as a trusted language service provider in the years to come.

Successful Translation:
1076 Pages of Manuals in Spanish for a Leading Distributor in the U.S.

Published on June 6, 2023, by Latamways

Successful Translation: 1076 Pages of Manuals in Spanish for a Leading Distributor in the U.S.

The assignment was clear: one of the largest warehouse distributors in the United States needed their associate manuals fully translated into Spanish. The material consisted of 12 documents totaling 1076 pages, covering supporting information related to the mission, values, and benefits, as well as company policies and procedures.

While the request didn’t seem to have major issues, as we began our discussions, the client presented us with two key constraints: a limited budget and an impossible deadline.

To address the deadline problem, we planned to work with our most productive linguists. By involving fewer linguists, it would be easier to guarantee translation consistency. Additionally, we implemented partial deliveries throughout all phases of the workflow and completed the first translation phase with three different individuals to accelerate the daily work pace between the first and second phases of the workflow.

The biggest challenge during this process was when the editor detected errors in the source text, such as paragraphs that didn’t correspond to the manual’s content, errors in tables, and some linguistic issues that were repeated in several files she had reviewed.

Throughout the entire project, which lasted a little over two months, we faced several challenges but we proactively helped solve them, which forged a bond of trust with the client. Furthermore, we adapted the workflow, provided guidance to the client, maintained constant communication throughout, and implemented a productive budget optimization.

The quality of the translation, excellent communication, and a proactive approach were highly praised by the client and their reviewers. Undoubtedly, it can be said that the project was a resounding success, surpassing expectations in terms of linguistic quality and feedback.


Latamways at Investment Summit in D.C.
Showcases Services and Networks with Global Business Leaders

Published on May 16, 2023, by Latamways

Latamways at Investment Summit in D.C. - Showcases Services and Networks with Global Business Leaders

Latamways, a Latin America-based women-owned company, recently participated in an investment summit in Washington D.C. where they showcased their services and networked with global business leaders, investors, and government officials.

The event aimed to promote economic growth and foreign direct investment in the United States, emphasizing the country’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for investors. The summit offered a diverse range of sessions on infrastructure investment, renewable energy, emerging technologies, and workforce development, with experts from different fields sharing their insights and experiences. One of the most exciting events was the pitch competition, where entrepreneurs and startups presented their innovative ideas to a panel of judges.

Latamways left a lasting impression on attendees, who were impressed by the company’s services and potential for growth. As a women-owned company with ISO certification, Latamways is poised to become a major player in the global business landscape, and events like this investment summit only serve to strengthen their position.

Overall, the investment summit was a resounding success, with attendees leaving with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the future of business. We can expect to see more exciting developments from Latamways as they continue to expand their reach and grow their business.

Unlocking Potential: How To Empower Your Team For Success

Published on April 18, 2023, by Latamways

Unlocking Potential: How To Empower Your Team For Success

As a company, we take great pride in our achievements, from our growth and industry recognition to our certifications and collaborations. However, we recognize that our most valuable asset is our team. At Latamways, we are committed to recruiting and retaining top professionals, resulting in an exceptional experience for our clients who have the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled project managers, translators, and post-editors in the business.

But we don’t stop there. We are also dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture that enables our team members to advance in their careers, develop new skills, and feel valued and supported in their work. Our company objectives include providing our employees with access to new opportunities and helping them realize their full potential. As part of our vision, we aim to empower women by offering training and mentorship programs.

Here are some testimonials from Latamways’ female team members who have benefited from our commitment to unlocking their potential:

Candela Noves
Project Manager Supervisor
“I was interested in project management, and I was formally trained for it. Latamways gave me the opportunity to take my first steps without having any previous experience. They also gave me the opportunity to start my leadership journey starting with one team at first and then two, and finally three teams simultaneously.”
“I started working as a project manager and over time, they gave me the opportunity to focus on the development of the quality control process of our inhouse linguists and external collaborators.
Today, I am the Head of Talents & Development, which allows me to have a broad perspective not only of my department but also of the interaction and workflow between the different areas of the company.”

Cruz López
Head of Talents & Development

Estefanía Cabanne
Account Manager
“I learnt so much during my transition from project manager to account manager. I developed many new skills and I understood that everything is possible with effort and discipline. Latamways allowed me to find the job I always dreamed of.
It also helped me be a much more mature woman in many aspects, more flexible, but above all, much more confident.”
“During my time with the company, I was given the opportunity to participate in different training sessions, webinars, and international translation conferences.
Today I have a very important position in the linguistic team.
I’m responsible for very important tasks in the translation process.”

Juliana Reartes

That space where women…

Published on March 28, 2023, by Latamways

That space where women…

Like every year in March, images and texts about the many roles that women can play multiply on social media channels. The role that we inherited from previous generations is, in many cases, that of the typical housewife. Their education was restricted to domestic chores, including all kinds of manual activities, thus training us to take care of the household and the family.

History has been changing year after year through protests, struggles, claims, battles, and debates by millions of women since the beginning of the 19th century. I have to admit that for a girl born in the 80’s, the story was already different replica rolex.

Latamways was founded and is run entirely by women, operating for more than seven years as a merger of possibilities. The opportunities are infinite, from interpersonal development, continuous personal and professional growth to transformation of habits.

More than 80% of our staff are women. We all work to eradicate violence, harassment, gender stereotypes and discriminatory practices in the workplace, as well as to close one of the most important gaps in gender inequality: equal pay.

We want to be that space where women feel free, protected, heard and recognized. With this in mind, we work daily to promote autonomy. We believe independence – economic and intellectual – is the key to living peacefully and with total freedom.

Flexibilidad y disponibilidad, las piezas fundamentales

Published on January 11, 2023, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

Flexibilidad y disponibilidad, las piezas fundamentales

Era viernes, la hora local marcaba las 8:24 pm, cuando nuestro teléfono recibió una llamada de un número extranjero. Confirmadas nuestras sospechas: era un pedido urgente de un cliente.
El clima de casi fin de semana, copita de vino y relax, había terminado.

“Adaptabilidad y disposición” me repetía internamente, dando comienzo allí a la odisea de ayudar al cliente con el que, incluso, hacía muy poquito habíamos comenzado a trabajar. Al parecer, había mucho más en juego que un simple proyecto de fin de semana. Era la ocasión perfecta para mostrarle al cliente nuestra flexibilidad, responsabilidad y, sobre todo, nuestro compromiso por colaborar en el crecimiento de todos y cada uno de nuestros partners.

El cliente nos cuenta que estaría ofreciendo el servicio de interpretación en un congreso que comenzaría ese mismo fin de semana, y que acababa de advertir que tenía mucho material para traducir, el cual iba a ser usado réplicas durante el evento. Pues no solo la visibilidad de los documentos sería alta, sino que la urgencia del trabajo era aún más elevada.

El pedido original constaba de 160 páginas en inglés de folletos en PDF y manuales en Word. El servicio que se necesitaba era traducción al español y teníamos cuatro días hábiles para poder entregar todo el material. Ya habiendo ordenado y enviado a producción la mayoría de los archivos, el sábado a la mañana vuelve a sonar el teléfono. El alcance del pedido había cambiado.

La cantidad de páginas ahora era de 60 y las iríamos recibiendo por tandas. El cliente también necesitaba que le hiciéramos entregas parciales, comenzando con la primera el domingo, y así se hizo: seis entregas totales de archivos de Word en español y también los archivos bilingües.
El jueves recibimos el último documento para traducir y con su entrega, esa misma tarde, se dio por finalizado el proyecto.

Pudimos conducir el proceso con éxito, trabajando con la fuerte convicción de que el valor reside en la flexibilidad y la disponibilidad. Esa capacidad para adaptarnos a los cambios, estar disponibles de lunes a lunes, y ser capaces de tomar decisiones de manera ágil son las piezas fundamentales en nuestra gestión y también lo fueron en esta colaboración.

Flexibility and Readiness: The Key Ingredients for Success

Published on January 4, 2023, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

Flexibility and Availability: The Key Ingredients for Success

It was Friday, 8:24 pm local time, when we received a call from one of our customers. What else but an urgent request on a Friday evening? The weekend mood, glass of wine and relaxation, was over.

“Adaptability and readiness” I repeated to myself. This was a relatively new customer, and we were just starting to build a relationship. It seemed that there was a lot more at stake than just an over-the-weekend project. This was the perfect situation to show the customer how flexible and helpful we are as well as our commitment to collaborate in the growth of each and every one of our partners.

The customer shares background information: They would be offering interpretation services at a conference that same weekend, and their client had just realized they had to translate all the event materials. Well, not only would the visibility of the documents be high, but the urgency of the work was even higher.

The original order consisted of 160 English pages of PDF brochures and manuals. The service required was translation into Spanish and the time frame was four business days. Of course, we sent everything to production immediately. The next day, the phone rings again. The scope had changed.

The number of pages was down to half and we would receive them in batches. The client also needed us to make partial deliveries, starting with the first one on Sunday, and that’s what we did: six total deliveries of word files in Spanish as well as the rolexreplica bilingual .rtf files. On Thursday we received the last document to translate and with its delivery, that same afternoon, the project was completed.

We were able to successfully drive the process, working with the strong belief that the key ingredients to a success story lies in flexibility and availability. Being able to quickly reroute and make decisions in an agile manner are key ingredients of our project management service. Ready for your success story?

Communication, Vendor Management, and Sales – The Key Components of Project Management

Published on December 28, 2022, by Milena Rossi

Communication, Vendor Management, and Sales - The Key Components of Project Management

At Latamways, we start looking at events to attend at the beginning of the year to be able to plan ahead. For me, as the leader of Operations managing 16 project managers, it is usually a no-brainer. I always end up choosing the one focusing on Project Management (PM) organized by the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

It was a real pleasure to be back onsite after the pandemic, especially in Manchester! This year’s edition of #FocusPM featured three tracks: Communication, Vendor Management, and Sales from a PM perspective. The organization was so good that they even divided us into groups so that everyone could attend all tracks during the two-day Conference.

Zoran Metikos was the speaker in charge of the Communications track. He discussed how to achieve effective communication covering aspects such as the environment and various circumstances, trust, human connection and attentive listening. The controversial topic of feedback was also raised in the presentation and he gave us good advice on how to go through this stage in a positive and productive way taking into account all stakeholders.

Communication, Vendor Management, and Sales - The Key Components of Project ManagementThomas Edwards introduced us to the topic of Sales from a PM perspective and how these two areas, many times disconnected and in conflict, can align to help achieve company goals. According to Edwards, PMs are a great fit to shift into the role of Business Development Managers or Account Managers as these two have similar functions and require similar skills. After looking into these roles, he shared how to do sales efficiently without “being noticed”, identify sales opportunities and the right “allies” to talk to.

Arancha Caballero led the Vendor Management track and the keyword was “community”. The community building perspective made me think not only about our role in our companies but our approach to life in general. From this track, there are four tips that resonated with me the most: 1. Focusing on process and preparation for success; 2. Building community (all people living in a particular area with same nationalities, common interests, or social groups) instead of selling a commodity; 3. Treating others the way you’d like to be treated; and 4. Focusing only on what we can control.

Once again, this event surpassed my expectations, not only for content but also for the unique networking opportunities. Lots of food for thought. I came back with valuable information to share with my team and to use when analyzing the way we manage our business and eventually improve the way we do business.

The Only Constant is Change

Published on December 20, 2022, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

The Only Constant is Change

If we say that the only constant is change, we could also say that this is not a judgment, nor an interpretation. Change may not be the only thing, but what we cannot deny is that it is something constant. And in that permanence of recurring change in every process, the opportunity to change positions appeared.

After six and a half years, I was going to move from the Operations Department to Business Development or, more specifically, Account Management. Changing my position, this time, would involve much more than a simple change in my signature.

This change brought drastic modifications: transformation of paradigms, variation of structures, habits, and with all that, the fear of the unknown. The internal uproar typical of change was what I expected and even manageable at the time. What disturbed me was the feeling of “not knowing” what this role was really about and how I would perform.

After this (necessary) period of uncertainty, panic and self-boycotting, I found myself happy and renewed. Like someone who unlocks a new level in video games, I felt that I was venturing into an interesting and challenging stage.

My focus shifted from the specifics of a project to client turnover. I was working on proposals and loyalty campaigns, rather than on linguistic quality. I improved my grammar and writing skills. I became better at analyzing reports and took advantage of my organizational and planning skills. I stopped worrying about deadlines, difficult assignments, and even last-minute changes.

Now I was dealing with the client, instead of the project. Learning a new job is always a challenge, and I enjoy it more and more every day. By establishing myself in the position, I was able to strengthen my interpersonal skills. As Project Manager, I had to respond to each email in a timely manner and there is often no place for the necessary pause that allows us to create a substantial and effective message. As an Account Manager, having the time to follow up on a communication process from beginning to end, taking the time to polish an email and talk to the people we work with daily has been truly satisfactory.

After almost a year as an Account Manager, I have to say that I appreciate every minute worked in my previous position. I wouldn’t have the tools I have today if I hadn’t spent almost seven years in the Operations Department. Although the change had an impact on the way I had done my job for years, having trained as a Project Manager taught me three basic pillars: the importance of the client, your word and relationships.

Lo único constante es el cambio

Published on December 7, 2022, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

Lo único constante es el cambio

Si decimos que lo único constante es el cambio, podríamos también decir que esto no es un juicio, ni una interpretación. El cambio quizás no sea lo único, pero lo que sí no podemos negar es que es algo constante. Y en esa permanencia del cambio recurrente en todo proceso, apareció la oportunidad de cambiar de puesto.

Luego de seis años y medio, iba a pasar del departamento de Operaciones al de Ventas o, más específicamente, al de Desarrollo de Negocios. Mudarme de cargo, esta vez, implicaría mucho más que una simple modificación en mi firma.

El cambio ahora traía consigo modificaciones drásticas; transformación de paradigmas, variación de estructuras, traslado de pensamientos; y con todo eso, se acarreaban mis miedos. El alboroto interno que me generaba siempre cualquier cambio era esperable y, hasta se podría decir que, por momentos se tornaba manejable. Lo que me inquietaba poderosamente era el no saber. Así lo afirmaba, pues así lo sentía: no sabía cómo llevar a cabo mis nuevas tareas.

Superado este período de dudas, pánico y autoboicot, me encontré contenta y renovada. Como quien desbloquea un nuevo nivel en los videojuegos, volví a sentir que me estaba aventurando a una interesante y desafiante etapa. 

Comenzaba a enfocar mis pensamientos en la facturación general de cada cliente, más que en las especificidades de cada proyecto. Me encontraba trabajando en propuestas y campañas de fidelización, más que en la calidad lingüística de algún trabajo aislado. Consolidé mis búsquedas gramaticales en la web y perfeccioné mi técnica de redacción. Mejoré mi manera de analizar reportes y exploté mi capacidad de organización y planificación. Dejé de preocuparme por las fechas de entrega, las asignaciones difíciles e, inclusive, por cambios a último momento.

Ahora me veía lidiando con el cliente, en lugar del proyecto. Era un nuevo puesto de trabajo, y yo lo veía como un gran desafío que cada día me gustaba y me ilusionaba más. Afianzándome en el cargo, pude fortalecer mucho más mis habilidades interpersonales. Tener el tiempo para seguir un proceso comunicativo de principio a fin, dedicándole el cuidado que amerita, me llena de satisfacción y placer. Como Project Manager debía responder a cada correo en tiempo y forma, pero aceptemos que en el torbellino de proyectos muchas veces no hay lugar para la pausa necesaria que nos permite crear un mensaje sustancioso y eficaz.

Ya pasó mi primer semestre como Account Manager y agradezco cada minuto trabajado en mi puesto anterior. No tendría las herramientas que hoy tengo si no hubiera estado casi siete años en el departamento de Operaciones. Si bien el cambio implicó muchas modificaciones y transiciones de pensamiento, el haberme formado como Gerente de Proyectos me enseñó los tres pilares básicos: la importancia que tiene el cliente, la palabra acordada y la relación prolongada. 

Latamways Represented at LocWorld: Event Recap

Published on November 21, 2022, by Cecilia Maldonado

Latamways Represented at LocWorld: Event Recap

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since #LocWorld48 but for international travelers like me, getting back to normal takes longer. International travelers also need to make the most out of every single trip so I am happy to have been able to combine this conference in Silicon Valley with Women in Localization’s first in-person strategy session since the pandemic and some client visits.

The #LocWorld48 week started as early as Monday with the newbie welcome and ended on Thursday with a #loclunch event. I am super grateful for the support of LocWorld, one of Women in Localization (W.L.) partners, who gave us the opportunity to address the entire audience right before the keynote speaker to share information about the organization and what we do for our members and volunteers.
FYI: Membership is free, easy and fast! Join us!

The keynote for this event was Brian Solis and I’ve been following him on social media since his first appearance at LocWorld. He talked about #TikTokBrains and how people connect with companies, their services and content since the acceleration of digital adoption. I even got a copy of his new book, Life Scale, that I can’t wait to start reading.

There were so many interesting sessions! Couldn’t see them all but from the ones I attended, I enjoyed the following:

Mimi Hills talking about how to deal with diverse and dispersed teams and how streamlining communication amongst all stakeholders can have a positive impact in hybrid localization teams. This has been a challenge for most companies (even ours) since the pandemic, especially with the scarcity of talent, the change of work dynamics and trying to go back to “normal”.

Change leadership, a panel moderated by Eva Klaudinyova, where they shared their experiences and some tips to have less resistance and be more successful when attempting to drive change, either internally or externally, for vendors or buyers. The importance of partnership with your vendor was stressed many times as the key to success.

I enjoyed the concept of microtalks and unconferences. I especially liked the microtalk by Karen Tkaczyk (real-life stories) on her career path and how this industry offers so many possibilities for change and growth.

For me, events are about the experience:
1. Strengthening relationships and building trust
2. Having conversations that enlighten
3. Listening to people that inspire and drive change on so many different levels

Here’s my recap in pictures. From casual meetups, to motivating women in our organization to go for what they want, spending quality time with old-time friends that make it all worth it, working hard to put together a great 2023 for Women in Localization, and just being present.

Automation and its Advantages in Service Companies

Published on October 13, 2022, by Milena Rossi

Automation and its Advantages in Service Companies

Much is talked about automation and its advantages across product industries and service companies in all sorts of processes. But what does it mean? The definition of automation from Cambridge Dictionary is the following: “Automation is the use of machines and computers that can operate without needing human control”.

Nobody can deny that automation applied in many sectors has changed the world and the way people work but, are we aware of the issues it could cause “if not applied carefully”? Are we aware of the degree of analysis required to automate processes so that we can do without human control?

Automation at Latamways

At Latamways, we are always looking at incorporating the latest technologies to help us create more efficient processes and tasks, from computer assisted tools to machine translation, from translation management systems (TMS) to customer relationship management systems (CRM). 

As Chief Operations Officer at Latamways, I realized that we have to constantly rethink the automation of processes to avoid any potential backfires. For example, workflows, templates and QA tools. 

Processes are not set on stone, even when dealing with the same tasks for the same clients. We have to review these and restructure as needed so that nothing is done undeliberately. For example, if we create a template to automate assignments, the team has to be aware of the importance of adding additional specifications for a particular project as needed and not stick to this template 100% of the time. When the clock is ticking, it is easy for a Project Manager to rely on automatic tools “without thinking”. 

Are these tools and processes constantly updated? Do these templates have all the necessary information that needs to be shared? 

Working with tools can save time and money, but we need to be well aware that it’s of paramount importance to revisit automated processes to make sure new client requirements are not overlooked.

How often do you review  your automated tasks? Have you ever had a bad experience with automation? 

La importancia de una comunicación asertiva

Published on August 25, 2022, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

La importancia de una comunicación asertiva

Para un Project Manager de localización, los servicios multimedia posiblemente sean unos de los más complejos. Complejos en cuanto a la comunicación y asesoramiento al cliente y en cuanto a tarifas ya que la unidad de precio es diferente a la de traducción. Complejos también en cuanto a los recursos porque no solemos trabajar siempre con los mismos equipos.

Una comunicación fluida y asertiva, sumado a una previa interiorización en el proceso y servicio que se requerían, hicieron que la experiencia con el cliente sea todo un éxito.

El desafío esta vez tenía el nombre de voice-over y el condimento especial era tratar de recuperar a un cliente del cual hacía meses que no recibíamos noticias. Era esta la oportunidad justa para retomar el contacto. La grabación que se necesitaba era en portugués de Brasil para cinco videos y el formato solicitado era mp3. El guión original estaba en inglés y cada uno de los cinco videos, a su vez, estaban subdivididos en dos: descripción “pre” y “post”.

¡Muchísimas gracias por el excelente trabajo! Les agradezco muchísimo por tomarse el tiempo de enviar archivos WAV divididos según la descripción “pre” y “post” lo que facilitará enormemente el trabajo de nuestros editores.
Testimonio de nuestro cliente.

Luego de traducir el texto al portugués, se procedió a grabar la voz seleccionada previamente por el cliente. Pudimos completar la grabación sin inconvenientes y tenerla lista inclusive un día antes de la fecha de entrega.

En el momento de enviarle los archivos al cliente, asesorados por el equipo de multimedia, pudimos advertirle que los archivos que estábamos enviando eran en formato .wav, ya que al necesitarlos para video era recomendable utilizar ese formato porque tenía mayor calidad que los archivos .mp3.

Asimismo, se le aclaró que por cada planilla del guión le estábamos enviando dos audios, ya que habíamos grabado y dividido los archivos según las descripciones “pre” y “post” que se encontraban en el guión.

El cliente quedó encantado con nuestra iniciativa y nos agradeció por haberle enviado los archivos en formato .wav divididos según las descripciones del guión ya que esto les facilitaba mucho el trabajo a sus editores.

Definitivamente deberíamos estar más atentos para identificar y permanecer en esa línea de comunicación constante con el cliente al igual que con el equipo, apoyándonos mutuamente y haciendo de cada contacto una nueva oportunidad para aprender, AYUDAR y mejorar. 

The Importance of Assertive Communication

Published on August 23, 2022, by Estefania Cabanne, Account Manager

The importance of assertive communication

For a Localization Project Manager, multimedia projects are one of the most complex to handle. Complex in terms of what needs to be communicated to the client and what advice needs to be given to the client. Sometimes, also in terms of rates, since rates always vary and they are not as static as with regular translation. Complex also in terms of resources because we don’t usually work with the same teams all the time.

Fluent and assertive communication, knowledge and experience in the process and services required have always paid off at Latamways, resulting in a successful client experience.

The challenge this time was “voice-over” and the special add-on was trying to win back a client from whom we hadn’t heard from in months. This was the right opportunity to resume contact. The recording that was needed was in Brazilian Portuguese for five videos and the requested format was mp3. The original script was in English and each of the five videos were subdivided into two: “pre” and “post” description.

Wow, this is amazing. I truly appreciate your team taking the extra time to send WAV divided into pre and post descriptions. This will make it a lot easier for our editors to put together.
Customer testimonial

After translating the text into Portuguese, the voice (previously selected by the client) was recorded. We were able to complete the recording without any issues and have it ready even a day before the delivery date. At the time of delivery, previously advised by the multimedia team, we were able to warn the client that the files were in .wav format – they needed them for video, and .wav files are of higher quality than mp3 ones. We also informed the client that for each script sheet we were sending two audio files since we had recorded and divided the files according to the “pre” and “post” descriptions found in the script.

The client was delighted with our initiative and thanked us for sending them the files in .wav format divided following the script descriptions as this made the work of their editors much easier. As Project Managers, we should definitely be more alert to identify these issues and keep the lines of communication open with both, the client as well as with the team, to support each other and make each contact a new opportunity to learn, HELP and improve.

Memories were made at the GALA Conference

Published on May 31, 2022, by Cecilia Maldonado

The first GALA on-site event since the pandemic took place in San Diego from April 24 to Apr 27, 2022 and was an absolute success! More than 200 participants attended and enjoyed 4 days of sharing knowledge and best practices, networking and fun! The excitement during the Welcome Reception (Thank you, BeatBabel) was something we hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Agus, Vasso, Ceci and Sophie.Cecilia Maldonado and Agustina Pioli were there on behalf of Latamways, and they took advantage of every opportunity to connect with all of their friends and colleagues at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

On Monday April 25, Cecilia and Renato Beninatto were co-presenters on stage, and together shared the story of Latamways’ journey as a company, including the strategies implemented to improve overall organizational health and strategies to continue the company’s growth path. Stay tuned for a summary of this presentation coming soon. The Program was populated with an array of topics, my favorites being those about business practices in the face of growth and new realities as well as those about automation.

Cecilia Maldonado and Renato BeninattoTranslated in Argentina (TINA) – the first regional non-profit association for language services in Argentina – was also strongly represented at the conference, and further established the country’s position as the go-to place for into-Spanish language services. TINA’s representation included its President and the majority of its founders as well as many members, making the South American delegation the largest in the event. Mission accomplished!

Cecilia Maldonado and Women in LocalizationWomen in Localization was also well represented by not only its President but also a number of Board members, volunteers and members from around the world who made the most of attending by gathering at designated lunch tables to reconnect in person after so much time away in the “virtual world”.

There was plenty of time for networking, getting to know first-timers and reconnect with long-time industry friends and partners. The conversations were amazing! Back at our desks, it’s gratifying to remember our time in San Diego, and how valuable it was. And now we’re looking forward to our next in-person industry event!

Challenges and Shifts in Localization Project Management PMs

Published on January 6, 2022, by Latamways

Challenges and Shifts in Localization Project Management

Latamways is a women-owned and ISO certified translation business that helps companies communicate with their Spanish and Portuguese speaking consumers in the Americas.

Our vision is to be a leader in the language services industry in Latin America and to experience constant growth through innovation, active industry collaboration and the promotion of our clients and coworkers’ potential.

In order to comply with this vision, Latamways participates in industry events not only as participants, but also as speakers and even, many times, behind the scenes. One of the last events we participated in last year was ELIA Focus on Project Management. This event has become a go-to source of information and training for our Project and Account Management team since the conference always provides relevant industry data, food for thought and amazing connections.

The conference addressed the challenges PMs face with the implementation of new technologies and the shift in customer needs, the client-PM relationship and how to develop new skills and metrics to always consider client needs and values when communicating with them, as well as growth and automation tips while being sustainable.

Our selection of takeaways is:

Photo Credit: Screenshot ELIA Focus PM
  • The PM role has changed from a transactional role to an expert role (from a language supplier to a knowledge provider). Buyers of localization want peace of mind, support and knowledge.
  • Technology is our ally. Humans are adaptive (ethical decision making), can mitigate risks and create solutions. In the end, systems imitate human behavior.
  • Challenges such as improved client experience, new workflows and faster TATs, and the automation of tasks can be tackled with innovation, flexibility, transparency and communication (communicator and listener, enabler and facilitator).
  • Companies that lead in AI will lead the future.
  • It’s time to STOP thinking “It’s always been this way” and think how to INNOVATE. Be strategic, add value, be creative and push for best practices.

AI is accelerating so fast that it is rapidly changing the future of business. Automation is an inevitable tool to help us all in the process. But HUMANS are, and always will be, the drivers and “brains” of this change. We need to find the perfect balance between automation and the “human touch” to excel in our job.

The ALC Unconference is next. Will share our takeaways next month.

Wrapping Up a Fantastic Year at Latamways

Published on December 28, 2021, by Latamways

high performance - Wrapping Up a Fantastic Year at Latamways

2021 is coming to an end and we are super proud of all the progress and development experienced in our company during this (another unexpected) year. Above all, we are pleased to have worked hard on establishing Latamways as a high-performing team.

A high-performing team is one that is made up of people with an excellent level of motivation, effective leadership and synergy among its members. High levels of collaboration, productivity and innovation produce superior results by focusing on the company’s goals and having supportive processes behind them.

Examples of high-performing teams are companies like Google, Apple, Harvard, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, to name a few. In 2021, Latamways consolidated its MTPE proprietary online training, restructured the PM team, created a Talents Department and expanded the Human Resources Department to make Latamways a more talent and employee-centric company. We also renewed our ISO and women-owned certifications and we continued to provide staffing services to customers around the world.

Three Characteristics of a High-Performing Team

High-performing teams are made up of people with a remarkable ability to work together and, at the same time, assume specific responsibilities with a clear vision of what is expected. Some characteristics of these teams are the following:

Efficient communication and transparency
Communication is a crucial element for a team to operate at its full potential. Efficient communication is key not only among team members but also with clients and our structure allows us to meet the needs of clients regardless of their culture and time zone.

Creativity and Innovation
At Latamways, we are constantly exploring solutions that go beyond common processes. We dig deeper and understand that experimenting with new tools, strategies and technologies is necessary to do our jobs better.

Productivity & Quality
We understand that the large volumes of work we process daily are of no use if they are not processed following the highest standards of quality in the industry, which guarantees successful translation, localization and recruitment services worldwide.

2021 was, without a doubt, a challenging year for many. Facing challenges and navigating through them builds resilience. We wrap another amazing year celebrating our team who embraces challenges like no other and work tirelessly always with our values in mind: teamwork, leadership, flexibility, quality and continuous improvement.

Cierre de año para un equipo de alto rendimiento

Published on December 28, 2021, by Latamways

Cierre de año para un equipo de alto rendimiento

Cierra el 2021 y no podemos sentir otra cosa que no sea orgullo por lo logrado durante este (inesperado) año que termina. Estamos sumamente conformes por haber alcanzado uno de los objetivos propuestos: establecer a Latamways como un equipo de alto rendimiento.

Un equipo de alto rendimiento es aquel que está formado por personas con un excelente nivel de motivación, un liderazgo efectivo y una gran dinámica entre sus miembros. Se trabaja con elevados niveles de productividad, alcanzando (e incluso superando) los objetivos la mayor parte del tiempo.

Ejemplos de equipos de alto rendimiento son empresas como Google, Apple, Harvard, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, por nombrar algunas. En 2021, Latamways consolidó su capacitación propia de posedición de traducción automática, reestructuró el equipo de project management, creó un departamento de talentos y expandió el departamento de recursos humanos para hacer de Latamways una empresa más focalizada en los empleados y los talentos. Además, renovamos nuestra certificación ISO y “women-owned” y nos posicionamos como empresa líder en servicios de staffing de nuestro sector.

3 características de un equipo de alto rendimiento

Los grupos de alto rendimiento están compuestos por personas con una notable capacidad para trabajar en equipo y, al mismo tiempo, asumir responsabilidades específicas contando con una visión clara de lo que se espera conseguir. Algunas características de estos equipos son las siguientes:

Comunicación eficiente y transparencia
La comunicación es un elemento crucial para que un equipo funcione en su máximo potencial. Esta comunicación no solo se da entre los miembros del equipo sino también con los clientes: nuestra estructura nos permite atender las necesidades de los clientes independientemente de la zona horaria en donde se encuentren.

Creatividad e innovación
En Latamways, exploramos, constantemente, soluciones más allá de los procesos comunes. Analizamos con mayor profundidad y sabemos que es posible experimentar con nuevas herramientas, estrategias y tecnologías para hacer mejor nuestro trabajo.

Productividad de la mano de la calidad
Entendemos que los grandes volúmenes de trabajo que procesamos diariamente no sirven de nada si no están acompañados de la más alta calidad en el sector, lo que garantiza un excelente servicio de traducción, localización y reclutamiento para nuestros clientes.

El 2021 fue, sin dudas, un año desafiante para todos. Enfrentar desafíos y seguir avanzando te hace resiliente. Cerramos otro año espectacular celebrando a nuestro equipo quien sabe enfrentar desafíos como nadie y trabaja incansablemente sin descuidar los valores que nos definen como empresa: ​​trabajo en equipo, liderazgo, flexibilidad, calidad y mejora continua.

How to reduce time and costs on your translation projects

Published on March 4, 2021, by Latamways
How to reduce time and costs on your translation projects

Did you know you can reduce the time and costs involved in your translation needs by having a strategic partnership with us?

Hi. I’m Cecilia Maldonado, Director of Strategic Accounts at Latamways, and I am here to tell you how you can achieve this.

Latamways is a translation and communication company that offers language quality at industrial scale and competitive prices.

More than 20 years of experience, constant innovation and flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers, allow us to offer you a strategic partnership helping you to optimize business quality and consistency of your business process.

Do you have a translation need? Don’t worry.
Latamways can take care of you with the help of our top talent and technology.

Contact us today to find out how we have helped similar clients in the US and Europe.

Why you should have a conversation with us

Published on February 8, 2021, by Latamways
Why you should have a conversation with us.

Hi, I’m Cecilia Maldonado, director of strategic accounts at Latamways, a translation and communications company located in the tech hub of Cordoba in Argentina.

Today, I’d like to share three reasons why you should have a conversation with me and consider partnering with Latamways for your Spanish translations.

Number one, local expertise. Latin America is home to over 650 million people and an enormous range of cultures and lifestyles.

If you represent one of the thousands of organizations worldwide that want to participate in the Latin American economy, you need a partner like Latamways that will help you communicate with your potential customers.

Number two, strategic partnership. If you’re looking to outsource your translation needs while reducing the time and costs involved, Latamways will help you optimize quality and consistency of your business process.

Number three, expertise and innovation. With more than 20 years of experience, constant innovation in search of service, excellence, and flexibility to adapt to the needs and requirements of customers. As well as to the industry, changes are part of our DNA.

Latamways offers language quality and industrial scale and competitive prices. All of which is possible because we are powered by top talent and technology.

Contact us to find out how we have helped similar clients in the US and Europe. Help us understand your business challenges and allow us to collaborate with you on finding the right solution.

Normas ISO: en constante búsqueda de la excelencia

Published on January 13, 2021, by Latamways

Normas ISO: en constante búsqueda de la excelencia

Desde su nacimiento, una de las cosas que caracteriza a Latamways es la búsqueda constante de la excelencia, tanto de la dirección como de todos los que conforman la empresa. Teniendo eso como premisa es que, a finales del año pasado, nos embarcamos en lo que sería uno de los mayores logros de la empresa: certificar normas ISO 9001:2015 y la norma ISO 17100:2015. Las normas ISO 9001:2015 se concentran en la satisfacción del cliente y la norma ISO 17100:2015 es específica para los servicios de traducción.

Las normas internacionales ISO, estándares que aseguran la calidad, seguridad y eficiencia de productos y servicios, son mundialmente reconocidas por estandarizar, sistematizar y mejorar procesos para prestar el mejor servicio, siempre. Si bien la certificación no garantiza la calidad misma del producto o servicio (ya mucho se dijo de cuán subjetivo es el concepto de “calidad”), sí garantiza que se tomen todas las medidas posibles para brindar lo que los clientes esperan de nosotros, y eso sí se percibe como un producto o servicio de calidad.

El camino hacia las normas ISO

El proceso de certificación puede ser tedioso, largo y monótono, pero procedimentar las tareas diarias es sumamente beneficioso no solo para la empresa y los clientes, sino para el equipo interno, ya que todo se vuelve más predecible y el margen de error se achica.

La certificación también tiene la enorme ventaja de que, mientras se está trabajando en los procesos, las oportunidades de mejora se vuelven evidentes y eso permite la evolución. Durante estos 11 meses, actualizamos tareas, eficientizamos procesos, sistematizamos actividades y creamos documentación que nunca pensamos que necesitaríamos. Acompañados por Carlos Porra, nuestro asesor de normas ISO, logramos pasar la auditoría sin ninguna no conformidad, todo un logro, tenemos entendido.

Una vez más, nuestro enfoque tecnológico nos diferenció y se volvió rápidamente una de nuestras fortalezas durante el proceso de auditoría. Al igual que el compromiso de todo el equipo, cada uno, desde su lugar, participó activamente en la creación de sus propios procesos, analizando las oportunidades de mejora y optimizando el trabajo en cada departamento.

El verdadero desafío, en realidad, comienza ahora. El sistema de gestión de calidad de Latamways debe mantenerse, cuidarse y actualizarse como un miembro del equipo más, de manera tal que refleje, fielmente, los procesos de la empresa a medida que se actualizan para no defraudar a nuestros clientes y proveedores por igual.

Hoy más que nunca, seguiremos apostando a lo que mejor sabemos hacer: brindar servicios de calidad, acompañar a nuestros clientes cumpliendo sus necesidades y expectativas para que puedan cumplir sus objetivos comerciales, y mantener el sentido de pertenencia dentro de nuestra organización. Todo esto sin olvidar nuestros valores: calidad, flexibilidad, compromiso, colaboración, aprendizaje, éxito y desarrollo humano.

Ya veremos en qué desafío nos embarcamos en 2021…

ISO Standards: In Constant Search of Excellence

Published on January 11, 2021, by Latamways

ISO Standards: In Constant Search of Excellence

Since its beginnings, one of the main goals for Latamways has been constant improvement and excellence, not only of the management team but also of every individual in the company. With this in mind, we embarked onto what we consider one of our greatest achievements of 2020: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification and ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services certification. ISO 9001:2015 standard focuses on customer satisfaction and ISO 17100:2015 is specific to translation services. 

ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. While certification does not guarantee the quality of the product or service itself (much has been said about how subjective the concept of “quality” is), it does guarantee that every possible measure has been taken to provide what customers expect of us, which is then perceived as a quality product or service.

The Journey to Achieving ISO Certification

The certification process can be tedious, long and monotonous. But creating processes for daily tasks is extremely beneficial, not only for the company and our clients, but also for the internal team, since everything becomes more predictable and the margin of error is reduced.

Also, certification has another great advantage: while working on the processes, the opportunities for improvement become evident and this allows for evolution. During the past 11 months, we updated tasks, streamlined processes, made some tasks systematic and created documentation we never thought we would need. With the support of Carlos Porra, our advisor, we managed to pass the ISO certification audit with flying colors. “We didn’t mind if we got a non-conformity as it’s all part of the process; but for them to not find any non-conformities is quite an achievement”, added Agustina Pioli, ISO Certification Lead.

Once again, our technological approach was a differentiator and quickly became one of our strengths during the certification audit process. Every staff member participated actively in the creation of their own processes, analyzing opportunities for improvement and optimizing the work in each department.

The Real Challenge Starts Now

Once the certification is passed successfully, it might appear that the biggest part of the job is done. But, the real challenge is about to start:  monitoring, measuring and maintaining our quality management system is key from now on. 

We will continue to work as hard to do what we do best: provide quality services while we make our clients happy by meeting their needs and expectations for them to achieve their business objectives. All of which we always do with our values in mind: quality, flexibility, commitment, collaboration, learning, success and human development.

Let’s wait and see what challenge we set ourselves in this year… 

Focus on Translation Project Management

Published on December 16, 2020, by Latamways

Focus on Translation Project Management

Translation project management involves organizing, analyzing, planning and securing the right resources to successfully complete and deliver a translation project.

Focus on Project Management is an event organized by ELIA, which, due to COVID, was organized very differently this year: a training program of 3 hours of audiovisual content per day, twice a week, during an intense month.

Milena, Operations Manager, Candela, PM Supervisor, and Cruz, Vendor Liaison, represented Latamways during this unique event for the second time in a row. Events like these are a great source of information for the latest tools, trends and best practices, all key resources to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve their goals efficiently while maintaining the human quality that characterizes our team.

Training = Evolution

The program includes presentations by experts on technology, community management, file engineering, remote work, virtual team management and productivity.

By participating in these conferences, we get to know other people in our industry, hear about the latest trends, and engage in high-level debates about the translation industry with peers from around the globe.

At Latamways, we believe in continuous learning and training to ignite curiosity and inspire action. These actions result in improvements that impact staff productivity, project management and the overall quality of the service we provide.

This focused training on project management gives our team the possibility to polish their skills for better results by implementing innovative, more efficient and more productive processes.

Because we value our clients’ trust and because we understand that we are a strategic partner for them, Latamways invests heavily in training of our entire team to boost performance and therefore positively impact the quality of the service we offer.

Con la mirada puesta en la gestión de proyectos de traducción

Published on November 23, 2020, by Latamways

Con la mirada puesta en la gestión de proyectos de traducción

La gestión de proyectos de traducción es una disciplina que abarca la organización, el análisis, la planificación y la asignación de recursos para lograr las metas propuestas de un proyecto de traducción.

Focus on Project Management es un evento organizado por ELIA, que este año tomó forma de programa de capacitación de 3 horas diarias de contenido audiovisual, dos veces por semana, durante un intenso mes.

Nuestra gerente de operaciones, Milena, la supervisora del área de gestión de proyectos, Candela, y la Vendor Liaison, Cruz, participan en este particular evento por segunda vez consecutiva. Esta participación nos permite conocer las últimas herramientas, tendencias y las mejores prácticas para atender las necesidades de nuestros clientes y así poder alcanzar sus objetivos con eficiencia, manteniendo la calidad humana que tanto caracteriza a nuestro equipo de trabajo.

Capacitación = evolución

El programa del evento incluye presentaciones sobre tecnología, manejo de comunidades, ingeniería de archivos, trabajo remoto, manejo de equipos virtuales y productividad, presentadas por más de una decena de disertantes líderes en sus respectivas áreas.

La participación en este tipo de conferencias nos permite pisar con mayor firmeza en nuestra área profesional, conectándonos con las últimas tendencias de la industria de la traducción a nivel mundial.

En Latamways, estamos convencidos de que la capacitación es un factor fundamental para mejorar nuestro trabajo cotidiano y así evolucionar en mejoras constantes que se ven reflejadas en la atención a nuestros clientes, la productividad con la que se gestionan sus proyectos de traducción y la calidad del servicio que brindamos.

Con este evento en particular, la capacitación orientada a la gestión de proyectos nos ayuda a perfeccionar nuestra habilidades, lo que, al mismo tiempo, nos permite obtener mejores resultados con enfoques innovadores, más eficientes y más productivos.

Porque nos gusta la confianza depositada en nosotros por nuestros clientes y porque entendemos que para ellos somos un aliado estratégico en sus proyectos de traducción, en Latamways, apostamos de manera constante a la capacitación integral de nuestro equipo, para mejorar así la calidad del servicio que ofrecemos.

Transcriptions and Podcasts

Published on October 31, 2020, by Latamways

Transcriptions and Podcasts

A transcription, linguistically speaking, is the systematic representation of language in written form. The source can be voice, sign language or pre-existing text in other writing systems.

A podcast is a digital multimedia file, especially audio, designed primarily to be downloaded and listened to on a computer or portable player. These can also be recordings of radio or television shows, training courses, live performances or any other event typically available as a series. The listeners of podcasts have steadily increased and this format preference is expected to grow even more in the future.

A report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC claims that the podcast business will generate billions of dollars in revenue by 2021. The podcast industry has an annual growth rate of 53%.

What is the connection between transcriptions and podcasts?
This thriving industry can benefit even more from the implementation of transcriptions of its content. And the benefits are even more if we consider multilingual transcriptions.

The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

Some of the benefits of having transcriptions of audiovisual content are:

Video and audio, as digital files, can’t be indexed by search engines. So, every time we upload an audio or video file to YouTube or Spotify, we are prompted to provide a written description of the file’s content. Having a written version of your audiovisual content helps to be found on the web.

Not everyone can access audio content, for whatever reason. A transcription of the audiovisual content allows the viewer to access the content anywhere, anytime. If you can’t watch or listen, you can read.

When the audience speaks a language other than that of the content, understanding the audio can be a problem. Transcription supports comprehension of the multimedia file and increases the audience pool.

Shareability is the quality of being shareable, especially on social platforms, websites or applications. Transcription increases the chances of being quoted or having content or links shared on a website or social platform. This systematically boosts direct traffic.

At Latamways, we understand the importance of transcriptions and have a dedicated team that specializes in this task. Our services include not only the transcription of podcasts but also the transcription of a wide range of sources such as movies, TV shows, online multimedia, conferences, interviews and digital documents into formats that facilitate content reuse and re-purposing.

La transcripción y los pódcast

Published on October 30, 2020, by Latamways

La transcripción y los pódcast

La transcripción, lingüísticamente hablando, es la representación sistemática del lenguaje en forma escrita. Sus fuentes pueden ser expresiones (voz o lenguaje de señas) o texto preexistente en otros sistemas de escritura.

Un pódcast es una emisión o archivo multimedia, en especial de audio, concebido fundamentalmente para ser descargado y escuchado en una computadora o en reproductores portátiles. También pueden ser grabaciones de programas de radio o televisión, cursos, actuaciones o cualquier otro evento ya emitido. Este formato, ha logrado un crecimiento asombroso y se espera que crezca aún más en el futuro.

Un informe del Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) y PwC asegura que el negocio de los pódcast generará mil millones de dólares en ingresos para el 2021. La industria del pódcast tiene una tasa de crecimiento anual del 53 %.

¿Qué vinculación tienen la transcripción y los pódcast?
Esta floreciente industria puede verse aún más beneficiada con la implementación de las transcripciones de su contenido. Los beneficios se amplían cuando hablamos de transcripciones multilingües.

Los beneficios de la transcripción de pódcast

Algunos de los beneficios de disponer de una transcripción de mi contenido audio visual son:

El video y audio, como archivos digitales, no son indexables por los motores de búsqueda. Por esto, cada vez que cargamos un audio o un video a Youtube o Spotify, nos solicitan que describamos, por escrito, el archivo que estamos publicando. Disponer de una versión escrita de su contenido audiovisual ayuda a ser encontrable en la red.

No todo el mundo puede acceder al contenido de audio. Ya sea por imposibilidad física o por la situación particular en la que se encuentre. Disponer de una transcripción de su contenido audiovisual le permite al público acceder al material en cualquier momento y lugar. Si no puede ver ni escuchar, puede leer.

Cuando la lengua materna de la audiencia no es la misma en la que se encuentra el contenido, comprender el audio puede ser un problema a la hora de. La transcripción ayuda a comprender lo expresado e incrementa el público consumidor de su contenido.

Shareability es la posibilidad de compartir, en especial en las redes sociales, sitios web o aplicaciones. La transcripción aumenta las posibilidades de que alguien cite, comparta y vincule cualquier contenido en un sitio web o plataforma social. Esto aumenta, de manera sistemática, el tráfico direccionado.

En Latamways, comprendemos la importancia de la transcripción y tenemos un equipo que se especializa en esta tarea. Nuestros servicios no solo incluyen la transcripción de pódcast sino también la transcripción de una amplia gama de fuentes como películas, programas de televisión, conferencias, entrevistas y documentos digitales para facilitar la reutilización de su contenido.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Published on October 20, 2020, by Latamways

Maquetación o Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is the creation of translated documents using software to match their original design.

We all know that, in marketing, content quality is crucial for success. However, the design of a marketing piece is what makes it visually attractive for the target audience.

Brochures, presentations, merchandising, and audiovisuals are some of the materials that require desktop publishing to ensure the original design quality.

When matching the original appearance of the communication piece is crucial, the service called Desktop Publishing (DTP) comes into play.

When do we need Desktop Publishing?

This service is needed when the documents to be translated have graphics, diagrams, logos, and typographically intervened images since visual elements may suffer changes during the translation process.

Extension: Translated content rarely has the same extension as their original. Translating from one language to another usually results in a change of sentence length. Thus, the translated content might not fit into the original design space.

Format: Sometimes, Desktop Publishing is needed for the conversion of the file format. Converting a PDF document to Word format (.docx) can simply damage the layout of the original design.

Non-editable Media: If we have an image that has been typographically altered, the translation needs to use the same font and be placed in the same space as in the original. This file must be processed with graphic design software.

Cultural Adjustment: Another important function of Desktop Publishing can be to ensure that the translated document is visually acceptable in a different culture. Certain colors, images or fonts may be offensive to certain cultures. During Desktop Publishing, documents are adjusted to comply with market requirements.

The Desktop Publishing process can be very challenging. A mistake in color, font or layout can result in a product being withdrawn from the market, a false diagnosis or even the wrong treatment for a patient.

At Latamways, our translation teams work together with multilingual DTP professionals to reproduce the original document across platforms, while attending to the changes result of translation, to meet the cultural norms and expectations of the Latin American buyer.

Desktop Publishing

Published on October 13, 2020, by Latamways

Maquetación o Desktop Publishing

La maquetación o Desktop Publishing es la creación de documentos traducidos utilizando software especializado para mantener su diseño original.

Todos sabemos que, en marketing, la calidad del contenido es un elemento indispensable para alcanzar el éxito. Sin embargo, el diseño de una pieza es lo que la convierte en un elemento visualmente atractivo para llamar la atención del público objetivo.

Folletos, presentaciones, merchandising, piezas audiovisuales y otros documentos son los que requieren de un buen proceso de desktop publishing para asegurar la calidad original en el producto ya traducido.

Entonces, cuando mantener la apariencia original de la pieza de comunicación es indispensable entra en escena el servicio llamado Desktop Publishing (DTP).

¿Cuándo necesitamos Desktop Publishing?

Se necesita de este servicio cuando los documentos a traducir contienen gráficos, diagramas, logos, imágenes intervenidas tipográficamente, etc. ya que en el proceso de traducción, los elementos visuales pueden sufrir modificaciones de lugar o tamaño.

Extensión: los contenidos traducidos nunca tienen la misma extensión que su original. La traducción de un idioma a otro genera un cambio en la extensión de las oraciones. Así, la traducción puede no encajar en el espacio de diseño original.

Formato: en algunas ocasiones, el servicio de Desktop Publishing es necesario en la conversión de formato del archivo. Convertir un documento PDF a formato Word (.docx) puede sencillamente mutilar las disposiciones del diseño original.

Soportes no-editables: Si tenemos una imagen intervenida tipográficamente, se necesita traducir y ubicar la traducción en el mismo espacio original respetando la fuente tipográfica. Este archivo deberá procesarse con un software de diseño gráfico.

Ajuste cultural: Otra función importante del servicio de Desktop Publishing puede ser asegurarse de que el documento traducido sea visualmente aceptado desde un punto de vista cultural. Ciertos colores, imágenes o tipografías pueden resultar ofensivas para determinadas culturas. El Desktop Publishing se encarga de ajustar los documentos a los requerimientos indicados por el marketing.

El proceso de Desktop Publishing tiene una alta exigencia. Un error en un color, un error tipográfico o un cuadro mal ordenado o desconfigurado puede ocasionar la retirada del producto del mercado, un diagnóstico equivocado o incluso un tratamiento erróneo para pacientes.

En el caso de Latamways, nuestro equipo especializado de traducción trabaja en conjunto con profesionales de DTP multilingües con el objetivo de garantizar que el contenido traducido sea visto y leído tan bien como el original. Porque entendemos la importancia de los objetivos comunicacionales, trabajamos para alcanzarlos.

Corrección de traducciones

Published on September 29, 2020, by Latamways

Corrección de traducciones

En esta oportunidad, hablaremos de la corrección de traducciones y de su importancia en los flujos de trabajo estándares de Latamways.

Los flujos de trabajos pueden ser tantos como sean necesarios y la elección de uno u otro dependerá de muchos factores. En Latamways, nos gusta trabajar con el cliente codo a codo, sugerir los procesos ideales en cada caso y así satisfacer no solo sus necesidades lingüísticas sino también sus expectativas.

El paso de corrección en los proyectos de traducción es clave para garantizar la mayor calidad posible de nuestro trabajo. No solo corregimos las traducciones realizadas por nuestros equipos, sino que también ofrecemos este servicio cuando el cliente se acerca desesperado con traducciones de mala calidad o que no cumplen con sus expectativas.

La tarea de corrección

Una vez traducido un documento, nuestros lingüistas comienzan con el paso de corrección. Esta tarea tiene como objetivo principal comparar el documento original con el traducido en busca de distorsiones, omisiones, errores de tipeo, errores gramaticales, inconsistencias en el vocabulario utilizado, entre otros. De esta manera, nos aseguramos de que nuestro trabajo cumpla con las instrucciones del cliente y la calidad sea óptima.

Una vez finalizado este paso, se realiza una prueba de lectura o proofreading. Se trabaja solo con el documento traducido y el foco está puesto en la fluidez y naturalidad del texto. En esta instancia también se revisa el formato y que se haya incorporado todo requisito especial indicado por el cliente.

La importancia de la corrección

Los procesos de corrección se realizan con el objetivo de garantizar que la traducción sea correcta y suene natural para el público objetivo.

En Latamways, los procesos de corrección forman parte de nuestros procesos estándares para garantizar la calidad esperada de nuestro servicio.

El talento que forma parte de Latamways, nuestra flexibilidad, y la permanente inversión en tecnología nos permiten ofrecer una constante a nuestros clientes: calidad en producto y excelencia en servicio.

Translation Editing & Proofreading

Published on September 22, 2020, by Latamways

Translation Editing & Proofreading

In this post, we will address translation, editing and proofreading, and its importance in Latamways’ standard workflows.

There can be as many workflows as necessary and the choice of one over another will depend on many factors. At Latamways, we like to work closely with our clients and suggest the ideal process for each project so that we not only meet their language needs but also their expectations.

The editing and proofreading steps in a translation project are key to ensuring high quality work. Apart from being part of our translation workflows, we also offer editing and proofreading as a separate service for those in need after they had a bad experience with another company.

What Is Editing & Proofreading?

Once a document has been translated, our linguists start the editing step. The main objective of this task is to compare the original document with the translated version to find distortions, omissions, typos, grammar mistakes, terminology inconsistencies, among others. We ensure that our work not only complies with our customer’s instructions but that the quality is good.

Once this step is completed, a different linguist or subject matter expert performs the proofreading step.  We work with the translated document only and the focus is on fluency of the text.  Format is also checked during this step as well as any special requirements indicated by the client.

The Importance of Editing & Proofreading

The editing and proofreading process is important to ensure that the translation is accurate and that it flows naturally in the target language.

Regardless of the preference of our clients who often want “translation only”, we always proofread translations.  This is a way to ensure that the service we provide is high quality and that the customer is always happy with our work.

At Latamways, the editing & proofreading steps are part of our standard processes to guarantee the expected quality of our service.

Powered by top talent and technology, we are a flexible, reliable and valued strategic partner that you can rely on for your entire project.

Clutch Recognizes Latamways as a Leader in Translation Services in Latin America

Published on September 15, 2020, by Latamways

Clutch Recognizes Latamways as a Leader in Translation Services in Latin America

Clutch, the world’s leading rating and review platform for business, IT and marketing service providers, released a list of top-performing business service providers in Latin America.

The companies listed offer services such as BPO, back office, voice, business consulting, human resources and translation.

Clutch ranks companies based on customer feedback, services offered and market leadership. In this context, it recognized Latamways as a leading company in the professional services sector that provides excellent customer service.

The Value of Recognition

The importance of this review for Latamways lies in the fact that Clutch is always looking for new categories of business services as well as pioneering companies in the region and ranks these according to real client feedback.

Clutch’s listing is a true reflection of what our clients think every time they turn to us for quality translations and excellent service.

To read the report, click here

Clutch reconoce a Latamways como empresa líder en servicios de traducción en América Latina

Published on September 8, 2020, by Latamways

Clutch reconoce a Latamways como empresa líder en servicios de traducción en América Latina

Clutch, plataforma líder a nivel mundial en calificaciones y reseñas para proveedores de servicios comerciales, de IT y de marketing, publicó su lista de proveedores de servicios comerciales con mejor desempeño en América Latina.

Las empresas presentadas ofrecen BPO, servicios de back office, servicios de voz, consultoría empresarial, recursos humanos y servicios de traducción.

Clutch clasifica a las empresas en función de las opiniones de los clientes, los servicios ofrecidos y el liderazgo en el mercado. En este contexto, reconoce a Latamways como empresa líder en el sector de servicios profesionales que brinda un excelente servicio al cliente.

El valor del reconocimiento

La importancia para Latamways de esta reseña se basa en que la plataforma Clutch fundamenta sus informes buscando destacar las nuevas categorías de servicios comerciales regionales y a las empresas pioneras en la región según los comentarios de sus clientes.

La reseña de Clutch es un fiel reflejo de lo que piensan nuestros clientes cada vez que recurren a nosotros para obtener traducciones de calidad y un servicio de excelencia.

Para leer el informe, haga clic aquí

Our Commitment to Organizations

Published on August 31, 2020, by Latamways

Our Commitment to Organizations

Organizations belonging to the third sector work hard for the industries they include. In the vast majority of cases, these organizations are not driven by profit. They are driven by their mission. By furthering a particular social cause or advocating a shared point of view, these organizations can positively impact different professional work environments.

Latamways is very much aware of the translation and localization reality as well as the importance of supporting the different organizations in the sector.

For several years now, our Director of Strategic Accounts, Cecilia Maldonado, has been actively involved with the Association of Language Companies, among others.

As a trade association, the ALC is focused on increasing visibility of the language service industry. They organize two major events every year: The ALC annual Conference and the Unconference – an informal gathering that focuses on small, roundtable discussions and networking.

Our Contribution to Organizations

Due to the global pandemic, the ALC decided to take the lead and produce their first virtual event on September 15-17. Participants will have access to three days of training, networking and learning from the brightest minds in the LSP community.

As many of you know, Cecilia is a seasoned event organizer in our industry. Part of her 20 years of experience in the translation industry include the organization of more than 30 events, not only in Argentina but also abroad.

In 2017, she was invited to Chair the 5th ALC UnConference in Sonoma, California and the ALC Virtual Summit has Cecilia as Co-Chair, in charge of the Program.

Latamways understands that industry leaders support the third sector and its activities. As a strong supporter of these organizations, Latamways also decided to become a Gold Sponsor of the ALC Virtual Summit.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind event produced by Latino talent for the world.

Las organizaciones y nuestro compromiso

Published on August 25, 2020, by Latamways

Las organizaciones y nuestro compromiso

Las organizaciones pertenecientes al tercer sector trabajan mucho por sus industrias de pertenencia. En la gran mayoría de los casos, se constituyen como organizaciones completamente desinteresadas de lucro.

Al mismo tiempo, se conforman como importantes motores de funcionamiento con acciones concretas para mejorar los ámbitos de trabajo profesionales. 

Latamways no está ajena a la realidad de su industria y no desconoce la importancia del apoyo a las diferentes organizaciones del sector.

Desde hace varios años, nuestra directora de cuentas estratégicas, Cecilia Maldonado, es el nexo de participación activa con la Association of Language Companies, entre otras.

Entre las acciones de ALC, se incluye la profesionalización de la industria de servicios lingüísticos principalmente a través de dos grandes eventos anuales: el congreso anual y la UnConference (un formato informal orientado a networking y debates en grupos reducidos).

Nuestro aporte a las organizaciones

Este año y en virtud de la situación de pandemia, ALC decidió organizar su primer evento virtual del 15 al 17 de septiembre. El ALC Virtual Summit cuenta con Cecilia como co-organizadora invitada del evento, y tuvo a su cargo la diagramación del programa de contenidos

Durante 3 días, los participantes podrán acceder a actividades de capacitación, networking y colaboración con las mentes más brillantes de la comunidad de servicios lingüísticos.

Como muchos ya saben, Cecilia no es ajena a la organización de eventos. Como parte de su trayectoria en la industria de la traducción, se encuentra la organización de más de 30 eventos, no solo en Argentina sino también en el exterior. En 2017 estuvo a cargo de la organización de la 5th ALC Annual UnConference – Sonoma, California.

Entendiendo la importancia de que los referentes de la industria apoyen al tercer sector y sus actividades, Latamways decidió además patrocinar el evento, en categoría Gold, para seguir apoyando a ALC y el Virtual Summit venidero.

No dejes de participar en este evento único en su clase, producido por talento latino para el mundo entero.

Latamways and the Effects of the Pandemic

Published on August 18, 2020, by Milena Rossi

Latamways and the Effects of the Pandemic

Undoubtedly, this pandemic will influence different aspects of our lives. I’m sure we’ll analyze the changes brought by the pandemic at some point. But today, as Operations Manager at Latamways, I want to reflect on these five months of the pandemic.

Rethinking the changes we had to make to navigate this global crisis is key to ongoing assessment. Many times, we act based on clear intentions and following a plan. Others, we make decisions as we go to provide fast and effective solutions to last-minute customer requests.

During these five months, some of the decisions we made will need further assessment to decide whether they will be permanent or not. Three fundamental pillars in our company, communication, organization and leadership suffered the most significant changes.

The “New Normal” in a Virtual Environment

Latamways used to operate 100% on-site and remote work was exceptional.
We were used to in-person spontaneous meetings, solving issues on the spot, and planned meetings to modify or create new processes.

Now, communication has become structured, programmed and timed.

Depending on the area, meetings are weekly or monthly, they need to follow an agenda and have clear goals as well as action items.

The language industry is used to technology, applications and remote work environments, but managing successful interoperability communications is a major challenge that needs planning.

From On-site to Virtual

Successful communications call for reorganization.
It is of essence that the message goes through, that instructions and objectives are clear, and that there is a specific action plan.

In face of the new reality, we created a remote work manual with the necessary procedures for workflow not to be affected.

We had to be flexible and restructure some of the areas in our company, especially Human Resources. We expanded the scope of the Vendor Liaison position so that it works better with the Vendor Manager, resulting in greater interaction and a designated point of contact for the other departments in the company which whom they communicate.

This “controlled communication” that is applied across the company allows us to identify areas for improvement and act accordingly.

Latamways After the Pandemic

Even though we continue to operate following the objectives and processes in place, trusting our employees was vital to supporting them into the transition of virtual working.
In a face-to-face environment it is always easier for leaders to detect situations that happen in situ that would need addressing, fixing or rethinking.

In the virtual world, we have to rely on different control tools such as reports, management system statistics and emails, among others.

We rely more on the talent and judgment of our team based on processes and experience. This has allowed them to show their full potential and has made it clear to us that our customers continue to choose us for the level of service that we offer.

How has the “new normal” impacted your company or work life? What kind of changes did you need to make? It’s time to stop and think so that “we don’t let a good crisis go to waste“.

Latamways y los efectos de la pandemia

Published on August 11, 2020, by Milena Rossi

Latamways y los efectos de la pandemia

Sin dudas, esta pandemia dejará muchas huellas en distintos aspectos de nuestras vidas. Seguramente haremos una evaluación sobre los cambios que dejó. Pero, hoy, desde mi puesto de gerente de operaciones en Latamways, me puse a reflexionar sobre estos cinco meses de pandemia.

Repensar los cambios que se llevaron a cabo para navegar esta crisis mundial es clave para la evaluación continua. Muchas veces, accionamos conscientemente y de forma planificada. Otras, tomamos decisiones sobre la marcha para brindar soluciones rápidas y efectivas ante pedidos extraordinarios de clientes.

En estos cinco meses hubo que tomar muchas decisiones que aún estamos evaluando si serán permanentes o no. Sin embargo, los cambios más significativos se dieron en tres pilares fundamentales: la comunicación, la organización y el liderazgo.

La “nueva normalidad” en un entorno virtual

Latamways era una empresa 100% presencial donde el trabajo remoto era excepcional.
Estábamos acostumbrados a reuniones en persona, resolver temas apenas surgía la necesidad y a planificar reuniones para modificar o crear procedimientos nuevos.

Ahora, la comunicación se volvió estructurada, programada y cronometrada.

Según el área, las reuniones son semanales o mensuales, con una agenda predeterminada, objetivos claros y acciones concretas.

Esta es una industria que está habituada a trabajar con tecnología, aplicaciones y entornos remotos, pero construir una comunicación efectiva en el plano de la interoperabilidad es un gran desafío que se construye en base a esa planificación.

De lo presencial a lo virtual

Como consecuencia de esta comunicación efectiva, surge la necesidad de reorganización.
En esta instancia, es indispensable que el mensaje no se pierda, que la instrucción y los objetivos sean claros y que haya un plan de acción puntual.

Ante la nueva realidad, creamos un manual de trabajo remoto con los procedimientos necesarios para que el flujo de trabajo no se vea afectado.

Además, tuvimos que ser lo suficientemente flexibles como para reestructurar algunas áreas de la empresa, en especial la de RR.HH. Tomamos la decisión de ampliar el alcance del puesto del Vendor Liasion, para que trabaje en conjunto con el Vendor Manager, con mayor interacción y con un interlocutor definido con el resto de los departamentos con los que se relacionan.

Esta “comunicación controlada” que se traslada a toda la empresa, nos permite identificar puntos a mejorar y actuar en consecuencia.

Latamways luego de la pandemia

En este nuevo entorno, los que tenemos un equipo a cargo, seguimos trabajando con los objetivos y procesos ya planteados, pero también aprendimos a confiar.

En un entorno presencial, el líder cae en la tentación de “sobrevolar” el terreno atento a charlas y situaciones que se dan in situ para repensar procesos, dar instrucciones rápidas, debatir ideas y opiniones, etc.

A la distancia, el valor está puesto en nuestras herramientas de control como informes, estadísticas del sistema de gestión y correos electrónicos, entre otros.

Confiamos más en el talento y el criterio de nuestro equipo, fundado en base a procesos y experiencias pasadas. Esto les permite desplegar todo su potencial, confirmando así que nuestros clientes nos siguen eligiendo por el nivel de servicio.

¿Qué dejó esta “nueva normalidad” en tu empresa o en tu trabajo? ¿Qué cosas debiste reestructurar o flexibilizar? Es momento de pensarlo para no desaprovechar una buena crisis.

The Role of Machine Translation in Communications

Published on August 4, 2020, by Latamways

The Role of Machine Translation in Communications

Google’s translation service, as well as other free machine translation services, is a very useful tool for many. However, for business purposes, it should not be your go-to resource since its quality output is unreliable. Machine translation is an area of linguistics that works with software to translate different texts.

Companies that translate their multilingual content using a professional machine translation service with post-editing and localization will always stay ahead of the competition because they understand the importance of the message and its recipient. Machine translation technology is probably one of the most important communication developments of the 21st century. Latamways is the leader in machine translation post-editing (MTPE) services in Latin America offering different levels of MTPE that serve our clients’ requirements and type of content.

Quality translations have always been important which forces companies to continuously improve and evolve. Automatic translations allow for an increase in volumes while observing client needs. For example, in the wake of globalization, companies whose websites were originally created only in English realized that, in order to grow, they needed to provide their customers with the same website in their target language.

The Impact of Machine Translation in a Company

Quality translation (designed for a specific audience) helps connect businesses with their consumers more efficiently. With the aid of machine translation, we can work with larger volumes of content without jeopardizing quality.

Latamways offers quality and confidentiality in their translation and post-editing process. Helping our customers improve their communications – and therefore protect their brand- is something that we do on a daily basis.

If your company’s goal is to grow, you must invest in professional translation services. And machine translation can be an excellent ally in this process.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you grow your business.

El rol de la traducción automática en las comunicaciones

Published on July 21, 2020, by Latamways

El rol de la traducción Automática en las comunicaciones

El servicio de traducción de Google (y otros servicios de traducción automática gratuitos) es una herramienta muy útil para varios. Pero para fines profesionales, todavía no podemos confiarnos. La traducción automática es un área de la lingüística que trabaja con software para traducir diferentes textos.

Las empresas que trabajan su contenido multilingüe con Google Translate sin posedición siempre van a perder frente a las empresas que traducen su contenido con profesionales y utilizan la localización a su favor porque entienden la importancia del mensaje y de su receptor. La tecnología de traducción automática es probablemente uno de los desarrollos más importantes en materia de comunicación en el siglo XXI. Si el profesional a cargo entiende cómo nutrir la traducción automática en base al contexto de la empresa y de su cliente, el mensaje tiene el éxito asegurado.

La traducción de calidad siempre ha sido importante, lo que obliga a las empresas a mejorar y evolucionar continuamente. Por su parte, las traducciones automáticas permiten incrementar los volúmenes de trabajo sin descuidar las necesidades del cliente. Por ejemplo, a raíz de la globalización, los sitios web que comenzaron con el inglés como idioma principal se han dado cuenta que, para crecer, necesitan brindarles a sus clientes un texto traducido en su idioma materno.

El aporte de la traducción automática a la empresa

La traducción de calidad (pensada para un público específico) ayuda a conectar a las empresas con sus consumidores de manera más eficiente. A su vez, de la mano de la traducción automática, se puede trabajar con grandes volúmenes de contenido sin perder efectividad en el mensaje.

Al traducir, poseditar y localizar, implementando las tecnologías de la traducción automática, en Latamways ofrecemos seguridad y calidad. Evitar problemas de recepción de comunicados (y por ende, daños a la marca de la empresa emisora) es una constante para nosotros.

Si el objetivo es crecer, las empresas deben invertir en traducción. Y la traducción automática es una excelente aliada en el proceso.

Comunícate ahora con nosotros y analicemos juntos cómo podemos hacer crecer a tu empresa.

Localization as the key to your company’s success

Published on July 14, 2020, by Latamways

Localization as the key to your company's success

The technological advances and the upsurge of mobile connectivity in recent years increased the demand for localization services. Why? Because, in order to reach more markets globally, companies must customize the messaging to meet the needs and values of specific target audiences.

Localization can be used on all types of communications and allows businesses to expand and grow. Healthcare, education, scientific and medical, travel and hospitality, technical, marketing communications and energy are some of the industries Latamways specializes in, successfully serving customers worldwide.

What is Localization?

Thanks to new technologies, more and more people are connected worldwide through their personal computer or mobile device (phone, tablet, iPod, digital watches, among others). Localization allows tailoring a message to meet the needs and values of specific target audiences.

Whether the need is for websites, printed materials, multimedia or even interactive digital content, such as software and mobile applications, localization enhances the consumer experience and expands your brand reach.

With more than 20 years of proven experience in the Latin American market, we are leaders in localization services for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Translating all types of content (tutorials, instructions, videos, articles, blog entries, etc.) into the languages spoken in Latin America and localizing those translations to the different locales is part of our daily professional activity.

Localization allows more consumers to learn about our client’s brands by enhancing communication and lowering cultural barriers. That’s exactly what we do at Latamways.

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La localización como clave de éxito en las empresas

Published on July 2, 2020, by Latamways

La localización como clave de éxito en las empresas

Con el avance tecnológico y sumado al boom de la conectividad móvil de los últimos años, aparece el concepto de localización. ¿El objetivo? Poder llegar a más mercados a nivel local y global ajustando el mensaje a públicos más específicos para alcanzar así el éxito de las comunicaciones.

Este concepto es aplicable a cualquier comunicación de todo tipo de producto o servicio que la empresa necesite emitir para expandir el alcance de su mercado. Salud, educación, ciencia y medicina, turismo y hotelería, ingenierías, marketing e inclusive fuentes energéticas son algunas de las temáticas que trabajamos con diversos clientes y garantizamos resultados exitosos y de calidad.

¿De qué se trata la localización?

Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías, cada vez más cantidad de personas están conectadas en el mundo entero mediante su computadora personal o cualquier dispositivo móvil (teléfonos, tabletas, iPods, relojes digitales, etc.). Entonces, la localización permite ajustar el mensaje y asegurarse así de que el receptor lo comprenda de manera exitosa.

Cualquiera sea el soporte (sitio web, material impreso, contenido audiovisual o inclusive digital interactivo, como softwares y aplicaciones de celulares) la localización es un aliada indiscutida en los tiempos que corren.

En el caso de Latamways, nuestra especialización en América Latina nos posiciona como líderes en la localización de todas las combinaciones entre inglés, español y portugués. Trabajamos la localización a nivel país e inclusive a nivel regional dentro de cada uno de ellos.

Sin importar el formato (tutoriales, instructivos, videos, artículos, entradas de blog, etc.), traducir contenido a los idiomas y sus variantes forma parte de nuestra actividad profesional diaria que venimos desempeñando desde hace más de 20 años con pleno reconocimiento de nuestros clientes.

La localización nos permite entender que es posible comunicar y potenciar los negocios en cualquier lugar del mundo, y en Latamways, nos encargamos de que nuestros clientes lleguen a la meta.

Comunícate ahora con nosotros y veamos cómo podemos ayudar a tu empresa.

What Can a Socially Distant Business Model Look Like?

Published on June 9, 2020, by Latamways

What Can a Socially Distant Business Model Look Like?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has been the primary strategy to protect the world’s healthy population. In an effort to continue to function and keep operations alive, our office of 22 staff transitioned to working remotely, which was an occasional “benefit” for just some of our employees before the pandemic.  In the language service industry, research indicates that 68% of businesses work remotely since the benefits seem to be plenty for both the employee and the employer.  Among the benefits we find higher productivity, time and money saver, women prefer to be home with their kids, higher retention rates, the possibility to recruit qualified talent regardless of location, and no fixed costs.  

The language industry is used to managing both customer and vendor relationships remotely, but what about the rest of the key players? A socially distant business model will require significant changes in operations and management strategies, improvements in human resources and communications to manage a virtual team as well as an investment in technology (cyber security, better servers, systems, among others).

The pandemic is already producing a change in behavior and it is likely, research suggests, that some of these behaviors will remain in place even after the pandemic.  Even though not every company can operate remotely, it is very likely that all of those industries that can adopt this model, will.

These are times to stop and think, reinvent ourselves, especially for those companies that are being hit hard during times of quarantine.  Consider new ways to deliver your product or service, partner with others, stay connected to your customers, work on your online presence, talk to people to get ideas, invest time in the future of your business to show up ready when we go back to the “new normal”.

Food for Thought

How can you adjust your business model or operations in an environment of social distancing? Where do you look for ideas on how to operate your business virtually? What roles should technology and social media play?

Focus on Project Management

Published on January 3, 2020, by Latamways
Milena Rossi, Operations Manager
Milena Rossi, Operations Manager

The moment I read the program for ELIA’s Focus on Project Management, I was filled with expectation. Apart from being my first ELIA Conference, it was my first conference exclusively on Project Management. As the person responsible for Operations at Latamways, I saw it as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn everything about it.

The venue was Hamburg, Germany. Though very cold in December, the city was totally worth it. Quiet, tidy, clean, and glamorous, the city was well prepared to receive Christmas with lights, candles, Christmas markets, and Christmas trees everywhere!

The event started with a pre-conference day on technology where we were able to take away important tips on how to handle different types of files and make the PM process more efficient.

An incredible welcome coffee reception awaited us to start the first conference day, with all sort of sweet and salty snacks, even fruit for those that could resist temptation. Anu Carnegie-Brown opened the day with her presentation “Understanding the bigger picture” where she analyzed the context and the new trends of this fast-pacing and ever-evolving industry. She depicted the role of everyone involved in a translation company, how to measure their performance, and the interrelations and “conflicts” inevitably present in all areas. The concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is not new but Anu reminded us how these can be effectively measured, how they can be used to monitor the pace of every department in the company and reconfirmed the need to set clear KPIs or even change the ones already in place for steady growth.

After understanding the bigger picture, Françoise Bajon presented “Project Management Core Competencies”. This presentation provided a clearer profile of the Project Manager role where soft skills are key to have a positive impact on performance. In this complex, multitasking and high-stress environment, PMs were encouraged to look at everything from different angles, to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and to manage others by leading on the basis of trust and team work.

Another key aspect of Operations that was not left behind was Vendor Management. Annette Lee explained the interrelation between production and vendor management and the core competencies of the latter. Everything in this process was covered, from resource engagement channels to strategies for better relationships. She brought up the importance of resource selection and retention to maintain quality and to facilitate and expedite the project management process. She also stressed the importance of continuous vendor manager training and evaluation by means of performance and quality tests in order to keep the wheel turning. It’s all about information, and information is power.

The second day gave us the chance to put theory into practice, share opinions, listen to the insights form our colleagues and understand how other companies are doing their job. This practice is highly enriching because it puts everything in perspective to analyze what is missing in a company, what needs to change or what is being done right.

Vivienne Dübert and her speech on the power of the mind was the cherry on the cake. It was so motivating! Could there be something more enlightening than hearing that we have the power to develop a growth mindset and that this is the foundation of our success? That if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change? That mistakes and failures are important to grow? Whether we agree or not with some of these concepts, this closure was undoubtedly food for thought. Whether we choose to change our mindset or not (because we have the power to decide), I am sure no one was untouched by Vivienne’s keynote speech.

The long travel from Argentina to Germany was worth every mile. This event was the confirmation that, at Latamways, we are doing things right. This event provided us with ideas to implement, advice on how to change the processes that are not 100% effective, and a great experience overall. I can guarantee we will meet again at a future ELIA PM Focus.

2nd. Translation Industry Conference in Latin America

Published on October 9, 2019, by Latamways

For over two decades, Argentina has established a leadership position in the language services industry, providing valuable resources, experience and technology to companies worldwide. In 2018, the Knowledge Economy in Argentina was responsible for 6.4 billion dollars of revenue and creating 1.2 million jobs. Based on the volume of business seen in the region, the Translated in Argentina trade association hosted the second Translation Industry Conference in Latin America on September 14-15, 2019, in Cordoba, Argentina.  Learning, networking, empowering and mentoring were just a few of the goals for this event. The main objective, however, was to discuss various points of view and analyze some the latest innovations and trends in the language services industry.

The opportunities to connect and network with 280 attendees from around the world were many, not only during the interactive sessions but also during the breaks and welcome reception. Company owners, project and account managers, translators, students and government officials from Argentina, plus places as far off as Spain, the UK, Sweden, the US, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil met at #CLINT2019, an event unique in scale and prestige for the region.

The two-day event kicked off with a presentation on happiness and how it impacts our daily lives and wellbeing at work. This definitely set the tone of the event and had all participants smiling. The program on the first day included presentations on translation for international institutions, indigenous languages, machine translation post-editing, digital transformation, the knowledge-intensive business services, women in the workplace, as well as industry trends. The second day had three different tracks and focused on tools, interpreting, project management, sales, productivity, subtitling, inclusive language, sign language, specializations and much more!

In the spirit of inclusion and accessibility, simultaneous interpretation was possible thanks to ulang, one of the conference sponsors. And talking about technology and innovation, this was offered with no booth, no headsets, just your own mobile phone! Remote interpretation has come a long way, and participants confirmed that this solution is here to stay.

As Chair of #CLINT 2019, my top 10 takeaways are:

  1. Change continues to happen at a rapid pace within the industry, therefore being agile and adaptable are hugely important.
  2. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable: It is in times of disruption that the most brilliant opportunities arise.
  3. Be curious rather than afraid.
  4. Technology is here to stay, embrace it, educate yourself and find a balance between human and machine. Technology should empower and not overpower us.
  5. Women in the workplace directly impact the growth of the global economy: Help bridge the pay gap by promoting opportunities for women, mentoring, sponsoring, promoting cultural shifts in work environments.
  6. Find your tribe: Surround yourself by the right people to succeed, find people that excite you, motivate you, challenge you.
  7. In order to be future-ready, continue to build your knowledge base (be informed), expand your network (be visible) and be prepared for change (add value).
  8. The industry will continue to grow but it will move from “cottage industry” to one that is technology led.
  9. Your thoughts will impact your life: Take control to have the results that you want to see.
  10. Always do what gives you joy. If you find yourself doing something that you don’t like, do something to change that.

We have seen an increased interest in the region from international companies.  Without a doubt, that interest and participation will help take #CLINT2021 to the next level as we collectively contribute to the advancement of the translation industry.

2nd. Translation Industry Conference in Latin America

About Translated in Argentina
Translated in Argentina (TINA) is the first non-profit association of language service companies and professionals whose objective is to promote the local language industry, train resources, and build awareness to strengthen our activity within the Argentinian business environment.
We focus on bringing together localization industry stakeholders in an effort to further strengthen our already established position as the go-to place for into-Spanish language services; providing training to member companies and industry players in general as well as seeking partnerships with government and industry associations all over the world.

What a Year for Latamways!

Published on February 27, 2019, by Latamways

By strengthening our relationship with our top clients and remaining true to our strategic goals, Latamways experienced another strong year.

During 2018, we were able to successfully develop a strategic plan for growth, implement a sales and marketing plan, train PMs in account management, reduce errors and grow in services, infrastructure and resources.

We worked hard on creating more efficient processes, expanding our database of tested resources, and implementing technology in our daily operations which will positively impact the volume of business we can do for our customers.

Machine translation and post-editing is a service that we started implementing with some of our clients with great results, especially with documentation: manuals, product descriptions, e-commerce platform content, online reviews, online training, agreements, internal communications, and user-generated content.

Because the skill set of a good post-editor is different to that of the regular editor, our recruitment process in place includes a one-on-one interview to detect soft skills, followed by testing and training via our proprietary online platform.

If you want to know more about us, please visit our website or contact us via email. We are here to help.

To a great 2019!

Cecilia Maldonado
Latamways | Business Development


2019 Holiday Schedule

Published on January 31, 2019, by Latamways

Another year, another holiday schedule! Find below the updated list for 2019.

We strive to offer great service every time, even on holidays!

January 1 Monday New Year
March 4 – 5 Monday & Tuesday Carnival
April 2 Tuesday Malvinas Memorial
April 19 Friday Easter Friday
May 1 Wednesday Labor Day
June 20 Thursday Manuel Belgrano Memorial
July 8 – 9 Monday & Tuesday Independence Day
August 19 Monday San Martin Memorial
October 14 Monday Cultural Diversity
November 18 Monday National Sovereignty
December 25 Wednesday Bank Holiday

Your team @latamways


#ExperienciaEndeavorCba: un evento para inspirar, conectar y capacitar emprendedores y las PYME

Published on June 8, 2018, by Latamways

El jueves 31 de mayo, Endeavor festejó sus 20 años y Córdoba fue la sede elegida para realizar el primer evento de 2018 #ExperienciaEndeavorCba.

Luciano Nicora, vicepresidente de la Fundación Endeavor Argentina, fue el encargado de abrir el evento con actitud y palabras descontracturadas, un mensaje muy claro y positivo. La audiencia estaba compuesta por adolescentes y adultos pero con predominancia de gente muy joven.

La conducción del evento estuvo a cargo de Tito Loizeau, quien fue ágil y muy entretenido. A la hora de presentar a los oradores, lo hacía de manera clara y atinada; con momentos de suspenso y mucho humor.

Las experiencias que se compartieron fueron de las más variadas y divertidas pero todas con algo en común: la pasión por el hacer.

Sobre las presentaciones

Silvia Gold y Hugo Sigman, GrupoInsud

Este dúo compartió su increíble camino como matrimonio y como socios. Hicieron hincapié en que deberíamos buscar siempre hacer bien a la sociedad, que el dinero viene luego de hacer las cosas bien, que es importante hacer lo que a uno le gusta, que es importante saber por qué uno hace las cosas y luego se ve el cómo. El impacto social del grupo de empresas de esta pareja es impresionante y, definitivamente, su historia es una inspiración para los más jóvenes.

Silvia Gold habló sobre el rol de la mujer, la maternidad y el trabajo. Destacó que el rol de la mujer en una empresa es el mismo que el del hombre; cada uno con sus capacidades. Rescatamos una frase que engloba su opinión: «Las mujeres tenemos que ocupar los lugares».

El temor fue una gran motivación para esta pareja; particularmente, temor a la debilidad. Como consejos y claves de crecimiento de GrupoInsud, nos dejaron lo siguiente: reinversión permanente y delegación sin supervisión diaria.

Nelson DuboscqDigital House

Los puntos destacados de Nelson y su empresa fueron que el modelo de negocios siempre tiene que estar en beta. Recomendó tener un buen equipo, revisar el modelo de negocios, y contar con fondos. Además mencionó al timing como parte de este combo y recalcó que todos estos son elementos clave para los emprendedores en este siglo.

Christian Vitry

Fue la charla menos orientada al empreendedorismo pero la analogía fue brillante. Christian es guía de montaña en altitud desde muy chico. Durante la entrevista, quedó claro que según él, el miedo negativo paraliza, el miedo positivo marca los límites. Su frase más destacada fue: «El que no acepta la frustración no dura en la montaña». ¿Podríamos reemplazar montaña por «negocios»?

Tomas Pierucci, Bluesmart

La historia de Tomás fue la única que contó que, desde los golpes, también se crece. Bluesmart creó la valija inteligente que fue un boom pero que terminó en quiebra porque la Administración de Seguridad en el Transporte de Estados Unidos (TSA) prohíbe el ingreso de esas valijas en los aviones por cuestiones de seguridad. Su historia se caracterizó por las ganas de hacer sin un plan de negocios, ni estrategias, ni financiamiento; por eso organizaciones, como Endeavor, son clave para los emprendedores.

Nos contó que, en su opinión, hay dos claves para el éxito: buen networking y estar enfocado en el producto a lo largo de todas sus etapas. También recomendó gastar lo menos posible en el producto a medida que se va creando; es fundamental tener un control de gastos. La frase destacada de Tomás: «No hay que dejar que el éxito se te suba a la cabeza, ni el fracaso, al corazón».

Lucía Iborra, VisualNAacert

Fue la única disertante extranjera con la que contó el evento. El acento español, que tanto nos gusta, le agregó atractivo a su presentación. Lucía nos habló de su historia con la agricultura y cómo su padre tuvo un rol transcendental en su decisión de cambiar la agricultura mundial. Y no se detuvo hasta que finalmente creó la tecnología para, efectivamente, cambiar la agricultura del mundo. La frase que nos llevamos: «Si uno tiene ilusión de ser empresario o empresaria, lo va a ser; las mujeres tenemos igual o más potencia que los hombres».

Augusto Mustafá, Elepants

Este joven empresario empezó desde muy abajo con mucha confianza en sus ideas. Su empresa está compuesta por muchos emprendedores que apostaron a su idea. Claramente, el marketing de su producto fue fundamental. Destaca que no crea nada nuevo, sino que plantea un nuevo enfoque para un producto común. Augusto nos dice que «como emprendedor, es importante creérsela».

Sebastián Santiago, Grido

La charla de Sebastián nos llevó por todo el camino recorrido desde querer llevar el helado de buena calidad a toda la ciudad, hasta la actualidad, con miles de franquicias de heladerías en Argentina y América del Sur. La presentación fue dinámica, contestó preguntas clave que cualquier emprendedor debería hacerse. Hizo mucho hincapié en la importancia de inspirar al equipo, y estar siempre activo y motivado.

Andy Freire

Andy se define como un emprendedor de alma y está en lo cierto. Su charla fue ágil y nos llevamos dos consejos fundamentales: hay que animarse a tomar riesgos calculados y el futuro va a premiar a los aventureros, a aquellos que se animen a correr riesgos.

Mencionó que la disrupción es más simple y está más cerca de lo que uno cree; que no es necesaria una idea revolucionaria, sino que basta con encontrar un nuevo enfoque o algo que pueda mejorar la forma en la que cubrimos una necesidad; de esa forma, podemos generar un gran cambio. El que avanza es quien puede estar en la constante tensión que significa no saber algo, pero siempre dispuesto a aprenderlo. Quien se queda en la zona de confort y no se acerca a las tensiones que pueden generar la ignorancia o falta de experiencia e información, no logra progresar. La frase que nos llevamos: «hay que aprender a aprender».

Gastón Grecco, Posco

Gastón sobresale por dos claros aspectos, es muy joven y, según él, muy caradura. Su enfoque estuvo puesto en la comunicación y visibilidad de su producto. Lo ingenioso fue que no recurrió a una agencia de comunicación ni le pagó a influencers en la primera instancia, él mismo se acercó a figuras visibles para promocionar su producto de forma gratuita. En la actualidad, el presidente Maurico Macri usa sus calzados y Posco es la marca de zapatos que usa nuestra selección de fútbol.

Fernando Moya, Fuerza Bruta

Después de muchos altibajos, lo que estuvo claro durante toda la presentación y en su trayectoria es que estaba convencido de la calidad de su «producto»; arriesgó todo cuando nadie creía en ellos y hoy, Fuerza Bruta, tienen presencia mundial, y cuenta con cuatro compañías.

Después del almuerzo, presentaron el Club del Pitch. Una iniciativa organizada por Fundación Endeavor, para que emprendedores amateur presenten su proyecto, ante un jurado compuesto por emprendedores consagrados y reciban feedback constructivo.

Los finalistas pasaron por una instancia de selección previa desde la Web, y, en dos minutos, debían presentar su proyecto ante un grupo de posibles «inversores».

Los emprendedores y proyectos seleccionados:

Emanuel Ferrero de @LinguooApp

César Olveira de #PechoFrio

Agustina Gutiérrez de #Tingua

Luciano Cecaloni de @BoxSynergy

Pablo Alexis Roberto de @entradasalpogo

El jurado cerró el ciclo con algunos consejos para los presentes:

  • Es muy importante tener en claro cuál es nuestro propósito cuando entablamos cualquier tipo de conexión, conversación, reunión.
  • Hay que prepararse muy bien para las reuniones con personas que puedan brindarnos ayuda.
  • Practicar las presentaciones infinita cantidad de veces: solos, frente al espejo, ante amigos, familiares, etc. para que sea lo más natural posible.

En líneas generales, lo aprendido es que para que las cosas pasen, hay que hacer y trabajar mucho, mucho. Las dificultades llegan siempre y según cómo las enfrentemos, avanzaremos o no. Y como nosotros en Latamways vamos siempre para adelante, nos vemos en la próxima edición de #ExperienciaEndeavorCba.

Lessons Learnt at ELIA ND For Executives

Published on May 22, 2018, by Latamways

The financial track at ELIA ND was as great as I expected it to be. Yes, you just read “great” and “financial” in the same sentence. Grainne Maycock (Sajan) and Roberto Ganzerli (Ex Arancho Doc) moderated the first day about financial planning and growth. The word of the day was “accountability”. After a very informative mock sales meeting exercise where Grainne showcased her approach to commitment and accountability from the sales team, I was left thinking about a couple of things. Would I do things differently if I had this type of meetings with the team and shared my planning and commitments and be held accountable for it? What would this approach mean to our company, and how do we get buy-in from everyone involved so it does not become a painful exercise?

The second day was more about budgeting and KPI’s. It was surprising to see that we all share many of the same “pains” and that KPI’s for working capital was at the top of the list not only for those on the vendor side but also for those on the client side. This left me thinking about the sheer amount of time I (we) devote to managing cash, and how we tend to place the blame for working capital shortcomings outside the company, overlooking some in-company metrics (like AVG days from completion to invoicing) that we could easily modify for a positive impact. Again, accountability… Why aren’t we focusing on that? Why are we focusing on outside factors rather than on internal ones, which are clearly the low hanging fruit? Is taking responsibility so hard? Have we failed to convey the importance of it to our team?

Probably the answer I was looking for was in something that was brought up in a panel about how a business with a purpose has a better chance to succeed. Why is that? Because the entire team in a company, from the intern to the CEO, can commit and be happy to be held accountable if they believe in their purpose. It is not about you anymore. “Knowing what you have to do” is no longer enough, you have to know WHY. Does a business with a purpose have a better chance to succeed just because it has a better chance of removing the “ego” factor from their employees and shareholders? Maybe. Is it because we all work harder if we CARE? Definitely.

This “purpose” should have an impact on everything, from financial planning and operations to recruitment. But most importantly, that purpose needs to be clear, shared across the company and be the guiding force. A sort of compass that will ultimately make you decide the way to go. Hopefully, in a future ELIA ND for executives event we can discuss purpose. I am not sure how we will manage to benchmark our industry, but I am convinced you cannot commoditize purpose, and that is a start.

About Latamways

Latamways provides a wide range of quality language-related services to clients around the world by delivering customized solutions that enable their business goals. Our consultative approach along with our agility, scalability, and adaptability makes us a valued strategic partner that you can rely on for your entire project. With more than 20 years of proven experience in the Latin American market, we have garnered recognition from clients around the globe.

Latamways at LocWorld Tokyo

Published on May 3, 2018, by Latamways

The most recent LocWorld conference took place in Tokyo on April 3-5. The focus was digital transformation and how to deal with the results and challenges brought by our digitalized world. Speakers at the conference included representatives from Adobe Systems, Airbnb, Alibaba, Google, IBM, IKEA, NetApp, Netflix, and many others.

LocWorld conferences are known for creating a unique opportunity to share the floor with thought leaders, become aware of latest trends, and connect with people from all sorts of companies with all sorts of needs and from all over the world who want to do business with you. We attended several LocWorld conferences, but none like the one in Tokyo. Our booth was always busy! People were interested in learning how to enter the Latin American market and in how we could help them by means of our consulting and communication services.

The experience was super positive despite some problems with our luggage – the airline lost our booth banners and backdrop. As soon as we arrived for the exhibitor’s meeting we talked to Miyuki Mori, who was in charge of the floor (we work together at Women in Localization). As soon as she found out what had happened, she took control and within 5 hours our booth was perfectly set up and ready for the big day.

As usual, we enjoy the social networking events, especially those that offer a true regional experience. Meeting new people is always great but reconnecting with long-time industry friends is even better. It’s amazing how one can build these relationships by seeing some people only once a year.

After the conference, we attended smartcat partner day and we were extremely surprised to see so many companies that didn’t even know what had happened the day before (meaning, LocWorld Conference). Mainly marketing companies and current users of the platform were there. It was interesting to learn more about the platform, why these companies choose it and what they consider important service-wise. The networking is always a plus. We met a couple of amazing ladies from London and had the pleasure to share more than one conversation with them. We ended up connecting them to Miyuki in Japan for a job after we learnt they were struggling to find someone there to take care of their clients. Once again, the power of relationships…

Here is a summary of what happened in Twitter during #LocWorld36. 

About Latamways

Latamways, a company dedicated to help clients enter the Latin American market, exhibited at the LocWorld36 Tokyo conference in Booth 113. The conference, produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute, was held on April 3-5 at the Tokyo Bay Hilton.

Latamways provides a wide range of quality language-related services to clients around the world by delivering customized solutions that enable their business goals. Our consultative approach along with our agility, scalability, and adaptability makes us a valued strategic partner that you can rely on for your entire project. With more than 20 years of proven experience in the Latin American market, we have garnered recognition from clients around the globe.


2018 Holiday Schedule

Published on April 23, 2018, by Latamways

Every year, we share the annual holiday schedule so that you can plan ahead. We strive to offer great service every time, even on holidays!

Looking forward to another fantastic year together!

January 1 Monday New Year
February 12 – 13 Monday & Tuesday Carnival
March 30 – April 2 Friday & Monday Easter
May 1 Tuesday Labor Day
May 25 Friday May Revolution Day
June 20 Wednesday Manuel Belgrano Memorial
July 9 Monday Independence Day
August 20 Monday San Martin Memorial
October 15 Monday Cultural Diversity
November 19 Monday National Sovereignty
December 25 Tuesday Bank Holiday

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Latamways Exhibiting at LocWorld36 Tokyo

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Cordoba March 15, 2018Latamways, a company dedicated to help clients enter the Latin American market, is exhibiting at the LocWorld36 Tokyo conference in Booth 113. The conference, produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute, will be held April 3-5. The exhibit hall will be open April 4 from 9:00 am – 5:45 pm and April 5, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at the Tokyo Bay Hilton.

LocWord brings together delegates who are engaged in the business of adapting products, services and communications to an international language or culture so as to appear native to that particular region. Speakers at the conference include representatives from Adobe Systems, Airbnb, Alibaba, Google, favy, IBM, IKEA, King, NetApp, Netflix, Salesforce, VMware, Venga, Yamaha Corporation and many others. Approximately 300 delegates representing all manner of industries are expected to attend.

Latamways is exhibiting at LocWorld because we believe it will give us a powerful platform to build on existing relationships, meet new people and showcase our services face to face while establishing our brand. It is also a great opportunity to see what direction our industry is going, get new ideas, observe industry trends and technologies in a hands-on environment,” says Ceci Maldonado, Business Development Manager. “We will be there to respond to customers concerns, expand our minds and grow our network, which is much easier at these events where people are motivated, have time to talk and are interested in what you have to offer,” adds Agustina Pioli, Business Development Manager.

The keynote will be delivered by Kaori Sasaki, CEO and cofounder of ewoman, Inc., an influential think tank and diversity consultancy that provides marketing, branding, product development and training to major corporations. She also founded and produced the International Conference for Women in Business in 1996, now the largest annual working women’s conference in Japan.

The preconference day provides sessions that include an introduction-to-localization workshop, round tables on game localization and sales and marketing.

Attendees may choose from nine topic areas during the main conference program: Advanced Localization Management, Community, Content Management, Global Business, Language Service Providers, Localization for Asia, TAUS, Technical, and Unconference.

This conference also represents an opportunity for executives and managers to review the best products and services in the exhibit hall.

LocWorld36 Tokyo sponsors include: Lionbridge, TOIN, Moravia and SDL.


About Latamways

Latamways provides a wide range of quality language-related services to clients around the world by delivering customized solutions that enable their business goals. Our consultative approach along with our agility, scalability, and adaptability makes us a valued strategic partner that you can rely on for your entire project. With more than 20 years of proven experience in the Latin American market, we have garnered recognition from clients around the globe.


Note to reporters and editors: Press passes are available with official press credentials by contacting Kevin Watson,, 208-263-8178.


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Localization Project Managers as Revenue Generators

Published on August 31, 2017, by Latamways

I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop for Localization and Translation Project Managers at the First Translation Industry Conference organized by Translated in Argentina.

I discovered this industry almost 3 years ago and I have to admit that opportunities like this in our area are pretty scarce. Of course, I was thrilled when I heard Jessica Rathke was coming to Cordoba since I had already attended one of her webinars.

Jessicas’s enlightening three-hour workshop gave us amazing tips on how we, Project Managers, can become revenue generators. Here are my top 4 takeaways.

  1. Project Managers are Already Selling

Human beings are constantly selling. Selling is not only showing someone a product or a service and expect the other person to buy from us. Every time you need to make a decision with another person and you want to convince that person your option is better, you are selling. Every time we make contact with one of our clients, we are selling.

  1. Project Managers Should Develop Revenue Generation Skills

Project managers should understand that every email they reply to or send, every phone call they take is an opportunity to continue the job the sales team has started. The client is already “sold” so the hard part has already been done. Project Managers should have “client retention” in mind all the time.

  1. How Project Managers Deal with Clients is a Competitive Advantage

Project Managers should make things easy for clients. Handle their issues proactively, minimize the actual customer effort and clients will be happier. Happy clients always come back.

  1. Project Managers Should have a Commercial Mindset

Look beyond projects. Listen for clues in customer comments. Delivering early, fixing a problem, client compliments are some good opportunities to reinforce the relationship.

I encourage you to implement these tips and measure the results. I’m already doing so and I couldn’t be happier.



2017 Holiday Schedule

Published on February 16, 2017, by Latamways

Planning ahead is very important so that we can offer the type of service you are used to, every time, even on holidays! To help you plan ahead, here is the holiday schedule for 2017.

Looking forward to another fantastic year together!

February 27-28 Monday & Tuesday Carnival
March 24 Friday National Day of Remembrance for Truth & Justice
April 13-14 Thursday & Friday Bank Holiday
May 1 Monday Labor Day
May 25 Thursday May Revolution Day
June 20 Wednesday Manuel Belgrano Memorial
August 21 Monday San Martin Memorial
October 16 Monday Cultural Diversity
November 20 Monday National Sovereignty
December 8 Friday Immaculate Conception Celebration
December 25 Monday Bank Holiday

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