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Focus on Project Management

Published on 03/01/2020, by Latamways

The moment I read the program for ELIA’s Focus on Project Management, I was filled with expectation. Apart from being my first ELIA Conference, it […]

What a Year for Latamways!

Published on 27/02/2019, by Latamways

By strengthening our relationship with our top clients and remaining true to our strategic goals, Latamways experienced another strong year. During 2018, we were able […]

2019 Holiday Schedule

Published on 31/01/2019, by Latamways

Another year, another holiday schedule! Find below the updated list for 2019. We strive to offer great service every time, even on holidays! DATE DAY […]

#ExperienciaEndeavorCba: un evento para inspirar, conectar y capacitar emprendedores y las PYME

Published on 08/06/2018, by Latamways

El jueves 31 de mayo, Endeavor festejó sus 20 años y Córdoba fue la sede elegida para realizar el primer evento de 2018 #ExperienciaEndeavorCba. Luciano Nicora, […]

Lessons Learnt at ELIA ND For Executives

Published on 22/05/2018, by Latamways

The financial track at ELIA ND was as great as I expected it to be. Yes, you just read “great” and “financial” in the same […]

Latamways at LocWorld Tokyo

Published on 03/05/2018, by Latamways

The most recent LocWorld conference took place in Tokyo on April 3-5. The focus was digital transformation and how to deal with the results and […]

2018 Holiday Schedule

Published on 23/04/2018, by Latamways

Every year, we share the annual holiday schedule so that you can plan ahead. We strive to offer great service every time, even on holidays! […]

Latamways Exhibiting at LocWorld36 Tokyo

Published on 16/03/2018, by Latamways

Cordoba March 15, 2018 – Latamways, a company dedicated to help clients enter the Latin American market, is exhibiting at the LocWorld36 Tokyo conference in […]

Localization Project Managers as Revenue Generators

Published on 31/08/2017, by Latamways

I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop for Localization and Translation Project Managers at the First Translation Industry Conference organized by Translated in […]

2017 Holiday Schedule

Published on 16/02/2017, by Latamways

Planning ahead is very important so that we can offer the type of service you are used to, every time, even on holidays! To help you […]