Our Commitment to Organizations

Our Commitment to Organizations

Organizations belonging to the third sector work hard for the industries they include. In the vast majority of cases, these organizations are not driven by profit. They are driven by their mission. By furthering a particular social cause or advocating a shared point of view, these organizations can positively impact different professional work environments.

Latamways is very much aware of the translation and localization reality as well as the importance of supporting the different organizations in the sector.

For several years now, our Director of Strategic Accounts, Cecilia Maldonado, has been actively involved with the Association of Language Companies, among others.

As a trade association, the ALC is focused on increasing visibility of the language service industry. They organize two major events every year: The ALC annual Conference and the Unconference – an informal gathering that focuses on small, roundtable discussions and networking.

Our Contribution to Organizations

Due to the global pandemic, the ALC decided to take the lead and produce their first virtual event on September 15-17. Participants will have access to three days of training, networking and learning from the brightest minds in the LSP community.

As many of you know, Cecilia is a seasoned event organizer in our industry. Part of her 20 years of experience in the translation industry include the organization of more than 30 events, not only in Argentina but also abroad.

In 2017, she was invited to Chair the 5th ALC UnConference in Sonoma, California and the ALC Virtual Summit has Cecilia as Co-Chair, in charge of the Program.

Latamways understands that industry leaders support the third sector and its activities. As a strong supporter of these organizations, Latamways also decided to become a Gold Sponsor of the ALC Virtual Summit.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind event produced by Latino talent for the world.

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