That space where women…

That space where women…

Like every year in March, images and texts about the many roles that women can play multiply on social media channels. The role that we inherited from previous generations is, in many cases, that of the typical housewife. Their education was restricted to domestic chores, including all kinds of manual activities, thus training us to take care of the household and the family.

History has been changing year after year through protests, struggles, claims, battles, and debates by millions of women since the beginning of the 19th century. I have to admit that for a girl born in the 80’s, the story was already different replica rolex.

Latamways was founded and is run entirely by women, operating for more than seven years as a merger of possibilities. The opportunities are infinite, from interpersonal development, continuous personal and professional growth to transformation of habits.

More than 80% of our staff are women. We all work to eradicate violence, harassment, gender stereotypes and discriminatory practices in the workplace, as well as to close one of the most important gaps in gender inequality: equal pay.

We want to be that space where women feel free, protected, heard and recognized. With this in mind, we work daily to promote autonomy. We believe independence – economic and intellectual – is the key to living peacefully and with total freedom.

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