Transcriptions and Podcasts

Transcriptions and Podcasts

A transcription, linguistically speaking, is the systematic representation of language in written form. The source can be voice, sign language or pre-existing text in other writing systems.

A podcast is a digital multimedia file, especially audio, designed primarily to be downloaded and listened to on a computer or portable player. These can also be recordings of radio or television shows, training courses, live performances or any other event typically available as a series. The listeners of podcasts have steadily increased and this format preference is expected to grow even more in the future.

A report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC claims that the podcast business will generate billions of dollars in revenue by 2021. The podcast industry has an annual growth rate of 53%.

What is the connection between transcriptions and podcasts?
This thriving industry can benefit even more from the implementation of transcriptions of its content. And the benefits are even more if we consider multilingual transcriptions.

The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

Some of the benefits of having transcriptions of audiovisual content are:

Video and audio, as digital files, can’t be indexed by search engines. So, every time we upload an audio or video file to YouTube or Spotify, we are prompted to provide a written description of the file’s content. Having a written version of your audiovisual content helps to be found on the web.

Not everyone can access audio content, for whatever reason. A transcription of the audiovisual content allows the viewer to access the content anywhere, anytime. If you can’t watch or listen, you can read.

When the audience speaks a language other than that of the content, understanding the audio can be a problem. Transcription supports comprehension of the multimedia file and increases the audience pool.

Shareability is the quality of being shareable, especially on social platforms, websites or applications. Transcription increases the chances of being quoted or having content or links shared on a website or social platform. This systematically boosts direct traffic.

At Latamways, we understand the importance of transcriptions and have a dedicated team that specializes in this task. Our services include not only the transcription of podcasts but also the transcription of a wide range of sources such as movies, TV shows, online multimedia, conferences, interviews and digital documents into formats that facilitate content reuse and re-purposing.

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