Empowering Communities: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering Communities: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

Humanitarian commitment and corporate social responsibility not only positively impact local and global communities, but also enhance the reputation and purpose of companies.

Community participation | Volunteering offers a unique opportunity for businesses to make a tangible difference to people’s lives and build strong relationships with their local communities.

At Latamways, we regularly dedicate time to volunteering at industry associations as well as institutions and events. By volunteering, we educate people and make our industry more visible and motivate young people to pursue careers in language and technology.

➜ Event sponsorship | Sponsoring events is another effective way companies can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. Partnering with nonprofit organizations and supporting various initiatives allow companies to amplify their impact.

We are proud to have sponsored major events in our industry, especially at local level such as CLINT, and to be members of pioneering organizations such as Translated in Argentina, Rotary International and Women in Localization

➜ Support for causes related to the industry | It is essential that companies look for ways to contribute positively to the areas in which they operate.

Latamways collaborates with organizations involved in diverse efforts to advance our industry. This year we were part of Translated’s Research Center, imminent, which gathered AI experts and localization veterans in Uruguay to discuss the challenges of languages in Latin America and artificial intelligence. We were also an active participant of a trade mission to the UAE organized by Glocal International which reinforces our commitment to the sustainability of our industry.

By focusing on our humanitarian commitment and corporate social responsibility, we not only contribute to making the world a better place, but we also strengthen our connection with society and the impact we generate on it. 

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