Success Story
Latamways Translators Shine with Flexibility and Dedication

Latamways Translators Shine with Flexibility, Agility, and Dedication

In the world of translation, opportunities don’t always knock twice, but for Latamways and its talented translators, it was a golden opportunity that couldn’t be ignored. Their journey began when Latamways received an unusual request.

The Client and the Challenge
The client urgently needed two temporary onsite healthcare/medical English-Spanish translators to work directly at their Korea office. The content they were handling was highly sensitive and confidential, and couldn’t be leaked beyond their secure site. The content included technical documents, such as clinical, non-clinical, and GMP-related documents. The task was to be completed in 30 working days.

Latamways’ Approach
Latamways knew the importance of selecting the best candidates for the job. Our Talents Department carefully matched their expert translators, Cande and Cami, with the client’s requirements, showcasing their flexibility and agility in meeting the client’s unique needs. Latamways quickly arranged visas, plane tickets, medical insurance, and everything else needed to get them settled in Seoul, going the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition.

From Argentina to Korea
In a matter of weeks, Cande and Cami found themselves on the other side of the world, in the vibrant heart of Seoul, working in the offices of a global pharmaceutical giant, all thanks to Latamways’ support.

The Golden Opportunity
Cande and Cami recognized the magnitude of the opportunity they had been presented with. Working directly at the client’s site not only provided a unique professional challenge but also opened doors to unparalleled learning and growth. It was a chance to gain invaluable experience in the pharma industry.

Cande expressed her excitement, saying, “This is a dream come true. The opportunity to work on such specialized content, on-site, is a game-changer for our careers. We have Latamways to thank for their support and their willingness to go the extra mile.”
Cami added, “We owe it all to Latamways’ swift response, their flexibility in meeting the client’s unique needs, and the seamless transition they facilitated. It’s a testament to how far the right opportunity, support, and dedication can take you, and we’re proud to be part of the Latamways team.”

Their success story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities, the importance of matching expertise with client needs, and the invaluable support, flexibility, agility, and dedication Latamways provides in the world of translation.

For Cande and Cami, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey with Latamways, and they are ready to embrace the countless opportunities that lie ahead, knowing that they have a dedicated and capable partner in Latamways who always goes the extra mile for their clients and vendors.

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