The Importance of Assertive Communication

The importance of assertive communication

For a Localization Project Manager, multimedia projects are one of the most complex to handle. Complex in terms of what needs to be communicated to the client and what advice needs to be given to the client. Sometimes, also in terms of rates, since rates always vary and they are not as static as with regular translation. Complex also in terms of resources because we don’t usually work with the same teams all the time.

Fluent and assertive communication, knowledge and experience in the process and services required have always paid off at Latamways, resulting in a successful client experience.

The challenge this time was “voice-over” and the special add-on was trying to win back a client from whom we hadn’t heard from in months. This was the right opportunity to resume contact. The recording that was needed was in Brazilian Portuguese for five videos and the requested format was mp3. The original script was in English and each of the five videos were subdivided into two: “pre” and “post” description.

Wow, this is amazing. I truly appreciate your team taking the extra time to send WAV divided into pre and post descriptions. This will make it a lot easier for our editors to put together.
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After translating the text into Portuguese, the voice (previously selected by the client) was recorded. We were able to complete the recording without any issues and have it ready even a day before the delivery date. At the time of delivery, previously advised by the multimedia team, we were able to warn the client that the files were in .wav format – they needed them for video, and .wav files are of higher quality than mp3 ones. We also informed the client that for each script sheet we were sending two audio files since we had recorded and divided the files according to the “pre” and “post” descriptions found in the script.

The client was delighted with our initiative and thanked us for sending them the files in .wav format divided following the script descriptions as this made the work of their editors much easier. As Project Managers, we should definitely be more alert to identify these issues and keep the lines of communication open with both, the client as well as with the team, to support each other and make each contact a new opportunity to learn, HELP and improve.

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